187 Minutes of Donald Trump Infamy

187 Minutes of Donald Trump Infamy
Donald Trump sparked the Insurrection of January 6 and waited for 187 minutes for Mike Pence to overturn the elections.

The pieces of the puzzle pertaining to January 6 are making one thing clear. For 187 minutes of Donald Trump infamy, the 45th President refused to stop the Insurrection of January 6. He waited 187 minutes before he acted. Apparently, three Fox News hosts and his son texted Mark Meadows, his Chief of Staff, for Trump to put an end to the Insurrection. Trump refused for 187 minutes according to Liz Cheney, the Vice Chairwoman of the Commission investigating January 6. In effect, Trump was giving Mike Pence time to overturn the elections, and for his terrorists storming The Capitol to put the pressure on Pence to act.

If the 187 minutes of inaction is not enough to indict Donald Trump for mounting a coup against the United States, then we are done as a country when we fail to hold the most dangerous men accountable for their actions. Trump, or someone else, will certainly try again.


Apparently, both his sons texted Mark Meadows urging him to ask their fathers to put an end to the Insurrection. Really? Was that by design to get themselves acquitted for any wrong doing? Why did they not text their fathers directly? I don’t buy this “free out of jail card” move.

Three Fox News hosts, Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade and Sean Hannity, texted Mark Meadows various messages all seeking to put an end to the Insurrection. I can see this happening since it is highly unlikely they have access to Donald Trump’s private cell phone. But his sons? I don’t buy it.

This is why Trump put a halt to Meadows testimony because his chief of staff holds the key to the smoking gun. Did Mark Meadows follow through with the advice he received from Trump’s two sons and the Fox News hosts? If so, when did he tell the President? How did the President react?

These are the questions everyone needs answers for. To protect this country from any future Trump coups.

187 Minutes of Donald Trump Infamy

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