A Million Trumps Nibbling at Our Democracy

A Million Trumps Nibbling at Our Democracy
A Million Trumps Nibbling at Our Democracy

Yes, maybe Alvin Bragg the Trump Slayer has succeeded in holding the former President accountable for his law-breaking life habits for which we are exquisitely grateful to him for; but from the viewpoint of this high perch facing our republic, the former President has empowered a million Trumps nibbling away at our democracy as they slowly chew the last vestiges of equality, fairness, and justice. Trump MAGA lieutenants are reversing voting rights laws and taking gerrymandering to new heights of illegality; enough to break down the Constitutional protective gates of our democracy.

From one red State to another, we are watching Trumps’ anti-democratic armies break our country into pieces to serve only their white supremacist interests, and to block minorities from ever gaining political power commensurate with their numbers and rights.

Yes, Donald Trump may never become President again, but his MAGA followers, in power, have taken up the mantle to pursue the same racist and illegal policies that make our democracy, by design, looks like a joke.

As Hayes puts it, Trumpism is not about halting progress, rather, it is about reversing it.


What Donald Trump started, his MAGA politicians are finishing off by slowly killing the American democracy, while the average liberal voter can hardly notice. This is not about Republicans vs. Democrats the MAGA zealots want you to believe is the center of this fight. This is about relegating anyone who is not a MAGA white racist to the back of the bus, with no regard to the democratic norms Americans have enjoyed prior to Trump appearing on the stage.

Take what happened in the Tennessee House of Representative as a snapshot image of where we are heading. White racist politicians exclusively and openly erase the will of voters by illegally expelling two black Representatives.

If that is not enough to showcase the big picture of Trumpism, then maybe this video by Chris Hayes highlighting the GOP backpedaling us 30-years might. All the advances our country made in the last 30 years with regard to our rights are under assault. As Hayes puts it, Trumpism is not about halting progress, rather, it is about reversing it. The million Trumps nibbling at our democracy while we all fall asleep at the helm.

We must pass federal legislation to protect us from Trumpism.


In another case of Trumpism anti-democracy move, Max Burns, in an article for MSNBC, discusses the Missouri legislators’ attempt to politically silence the voters. He writes:

The GOP’s vision for the future is a dark one, in which liberal voters are gerrymandered into political irrelevance federally, while being effectively denied the ability to propose ballot initiatives or even amend their state constitutions. MSNBC by Max Burns - May 2, 2023

Such is being done openly and not so quietly. Trumpism is alive and kicking us all in the groins, and only activism at every level to include mobilizing a huge army of Gen Z voters would put an end to Trump and his cronies stealing our democracy.

Further, Joshua Clark wrote back in January 2022 an article for the Othering and Belonging Institute at Berkeley University in which he warned us about the dark evil forces coming to finish what Trump started. Clark wrote:

Throughout 2021, numerous controversial voter-access restrictions were proposed, and in many cases passed, by state legislatures across the country. By year’s end, many of the same legislators were using the decennial redistricting process to draw new political maps with enormous partisan skews that would make their own reelection—and their party’s hold on power—a foregone conclusion.Othering and Belonging Institute by Joshua Clark - January 5, 2022

This is the reality of our politics today. One in which a minority hijacks the will of the majority to wrestle permanent control of our country, and only through advocacy and awareness can the American people protect their democracy from their onslaught.

We must pass federal legislation to protect us from Trumpism. We must change the political landscape in 2024 to protect our stake in the American democracy.

A Million Trumps Nibbling at Our Democracy

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