A Silent Senator Mitt Romney Gave Away McConnell’s Bluff

A Silent Senator Mitt Romney Gave Away McConnell's Bluff

Washington was abuzz this week with the debt ceiling chicken brinkmanship Republicans played with the Democrats. Senator Mitch McConnell attempted to lure the Democrats into a false sense of insecurity but he blinked when he realized that his political non-starter stand could backfire if the Democrats changed the rules to lift the debt ceiling without fear from a GOP filibuster. That’s one theory. But there is another one. The reason the Democrats called his ruse is because a silent Senator Mitt Romney gave away McConnell’s bluff from his bag of tricks.

You see, many Senators know Romney for his wisdom and balanced approach to governance as a Republican. As a former presidential candidate, Romney has demonstrated publicly, many times over, sound judgment and most of all prudence when it comes to extreme ideas. Romney was one of a handful of Senators who courageously stood against the con act we call Donald Trump.

So, when Romney remained silent on the sideline with regard to McConnell’s threats not to raise the debt ceiling, Senator Chuck Schumer knew McConnell was bluffing.

Hey. Mitch, next time you bluff make sure to inform Romney to take a stand against you for the other side to take you seriously. HeHeHeHe.

McConnell seems to enjoy the limelight and the flair for sadistic behavior.


The 2020 elections outed McConnell as the majority leader of the Senate. During his tenure, McConnell blocked almost 400 bills refusing even to consider them as the country went into a no-do Congress tailspin. As I said in an earlier Blog, Mitch McConnell is the most despicable politician in modern history, and I cannot imagine anyone suggesting his name on some federal building or landmark long after he is gone.

McConnell seems to enjoy the limelight and the flair for sadistic behavior. If he could make his enemies cringe with disbelief, then it was a good day for him. His latest foray into blocking another Senate move to raise the debt ceiling backfired big time. Maybe now, some wiser GOP Senators might consider not marching to his destructive tune.


But don’t hold your breath for long. To steal the limelight again, McConnell has more tricks up his sleeve to paralyze Washington. It’s his game and he plays it well.

Meanwhile, as McConnell takes lap after lap with his power trips, his constituents and millions of Americans may suffer the consequences of his behavior, which the Senator could care less about addressing.

His threat to filibuster raising the debt ceiling could have tanked the U.S. economy. What kind of a politician makes a threat to destroy his own country? A sick one.

It’s the limelight, stupid. But it’s also the power he is drunk on. One that turned him into a blind Senator with half a brain.

A Silent Senator Mitt Romney Gave Away McConnell’s Bluff

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