About Punditry Good Opinions Matter

“Nothing so upholds the laws as the punishment of persons whose rank is as great as their crime”Cardinal Richelieu


Do you see Washington as broken as we, and many other Americans, do? Dark money controlling the fate of the masses with out-of-touch policies. Often immoral elitist politicians acting as kings and queens, and extreme religious people imposing their views on everyone else. In addition to our Congress that does not legislate in the interests of the people as much as it does in the interests of corporate America. And a two-party system that funnels everyone back to serve the wishes of their donors first. In addition to runaway government subsidies and tax breaks to those who need it the least. This is what our Blog is all about. It is about Punditry, a website that publishes what many of us think.

Punditry is also about writing good opinions that matter. It is about expressing one’s views and frustrations about a GOP establishment that paved the way for Donald Trump and the Democrats that are backing a genocidal Joe Biden.

Americans are looking for solutions to force our government to speak to the people, about the people, and for the people. Not just the very few. Not just the very rich. And not to serve only their interests and those of Israel.


Since the era of Reaganomics, the United States has become a country of corporations, not people. The pandemic proved this point without a shadow of a doubt as millions struggled while corporate America enjoyed record high stock market returns, which were fueled mostly by incessant government infusion of cash. Even the injection of cash into the hands of Americans lacking equal opportunities has eventually trickled upward to corporate America.

The disillusionment over our government’s mission, the role of Congress often beholden to Israeli terror, and the core values of our political system has left many with a bitter taste in their mouths. It has infuriated the masses to the point of implosion. Gone are the inclusionary politics of FDR to be replaced by White Supremacy. Gone is the GOP’s soul, which has morphed into a magnet for toxic rhetoric, racist policies, and intentional culture wars to divide us even further.

Ours is a lonely voice in the wilderness, but there is no better and more effective weapon than the right word said at the right time and for the right reasons. We are here to say these words, and then some.

We welcome your comments as well as your criticism, without which we cannot improve upon the opinions published in this blog. Many thanks for your interest.

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About Punditry Good Opinions Matter