Adieu to Tucker Carlson

Adieu to Tucker Carlson
Adieu to Tucker Carlson

Only three million viewers bid Adieu to Tucker Carlson as they grieve for his sudden departure, while tens of millions of Americans expressed a sigh of relief watching the saga unfold as Rupert Murdoch fired him in the aftermath of a settlement that cost the media baron $787.5 millions. For the Americans who had to put up with his racism and extremism, it is comforting to know many will never see him invade their living rooms again.

Carlson leaves the Fox network with a net worth of some $30 millions. So, don’t cry for me, Argentina.

Meanwhile, let’s pop that champagne bottle. Tucker Carlson has stumbled into the sunset.


One of the most beneficial side effects to getting Carlson off the air lies in the fact that Vladimir Putin can no longer rely on him to be his propagandist. Carlson’s tirades in support of right-wing extremists like him, even if they were sworn enemies to the country he claimed he loved, has become a national burden. His unapologetic demeanor and fanaticism has poisoned many minds that today are willing to bear arms against their own government.

So to finally say Adieu to Tucker Carlson is indescribable in terms of protecting our democracy. No one has done so much damage, in so little time, with so few words as Tucker Carlson has with the blessings of another fanatic in Rupert Murdoch.

His latest prime time stunt in assessing that the January 6 insurrection was nothing but tourists visiting our Capitol has rubbed millions of Americans the wrong way. In spite of all his venom, no one can calculate in terms of risk-benefit analysis the real damage he inflicted on our society by sparking cultural wars and spreading conspiratorial lies.

Unlike Trump, who addressed Americans occasionally, Carlson addressed them every night. And every night he twisted his words to accommodate his racist views and to anger a base already on edge because of the repeated lies they heard on Fox.

In brief, Carlson’s departure is a lifesaver to our democracy, and we say good riddance to the worst TV personality ever to sit behind a camera every night indoctrinating people to follow in the footsteps of his vile conservatism.

Meanwhile, let’s pop that champagne bottle. Tucker Carlson has stumbled into the sunset.


Our hope is that the firing of Carlson brings about the dawn of a more newsworthy era for Fox. Or, it may also bring a more extremist era where Fox doubles down on damaging the republic with its propaganda machine. Who knows? Maybe paying the $787.50 millions has blocked two arteries pumping blood to Rupert Murdoch’s heart, whose living days, at 92, are numbered.

We have no clue who will replace Tucker Carlson. But one thing for sure, his replacement will tell us much about whether Rupert Murdoch has learned from the lies his media empire spewed over the last few years in support of an insurrection and white supremacists like him.

Meanwhile, let’s pop that champagne bottle. Tucker Carlson has finally dug his own grave.

Adieu to Tucker Carlson

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