After Palestine Comes Jordan

After Palestine Comes Jordan
After Palestine Comes Jordan. Mohammed Dahman/AP

The voracious appetite of the Zionist movement worldwide, which includes such figures as Joe Biden and Antony Blinken, aims to expand Israel to occupy all the Levant. It’s the ultimate goal, just as the United States consolidated its footprint from coast to coast by annihilating the Native Americans, so Israel intends to do to the Arabs of the Levant. Once this small nation, now in full terror gear and with help from the United States, clears Gaza and the West Bank of its rightful owners, after Palestine comes Jordan.

The peaceful and benevolent King Abdullah of Jordan better begin preparing for such an outcome today, otherwise his country will eventually succumb to U.S. and Israeli colonization.

This is not about Palestinians throwing the Jews to the sea, as the Zionists want the world to believe, this is truly about the Jews throwing the Arabs out of their lands. Permanently, to own the region.

It’s probably the manifestation of a secret American Balfour Declaration Israel and its Jewish American backers concocted in Washington. We are watching this plan in full motion as Israel makes Gaza uninhabitable in the hope it forces Egypt to shelter the Palestinians in Sinai, never to return.

As European settlers stole lands belonging to the Native Americans, the same kind of settlers are now stealing lands belonging to the Arabs of the Levant.


The war against the civilians in Gaza has turned into a race between Israel committing as many atrocities as it can to soften Egypt, and Egypt withstanding the pressure. While it hopes the world would abandon both the United States and Israel in the process of watching both countries commit crimes against humanity.

So far, and after 153 countries voted for a U.N. Resolution for a non-binding ceasefire, Egypt seems to be winning. Another month of Israeli genocide, and this nation, whose leaders are pure evil, might lose tens of Israeli missions when countries kick the Israelis out. Not to mention of more IDF dead soldiers, and more antisemitism spreading like wildfire thanks to Netanyahu et al.

In effect, what is happening in Gaza today is the beginning of Israel’s final solution to the Arabs of the Levant. In complicity with the bloody and exceptional Western civilization, the United States is so proud of its accomplishments. Colonizations and exploitations included, of course.


Only the United States can stop Israel. However, most of the European countries are in cohort with U.S. goals for Israel, which means the 57 OIC countries must step up to flex their economic muscles to put an end to Israeli terror. Nothing speaks louder than using trade to pressure countries when the OIC starts boycotting the facilitators of the Gaza Genocide.

Once Israel clears Gaza, through sheer terror or disease spreading, Netanyahu and Biden, or Trump, will find a way to spark another war on the West Bank. No Hamas there, but they will still find an excuse to force migrate the Palestinians to Jordan, never to return to their homeland.

As European settlers stole lands belonging to the Native Americans, the same kind of settlers are now stealing lands belonging to the Arabs of the Levant. It’s the same movie playing on two different continents.

After Palestine Comes Jordan

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