Amazon Banned Cellphones, Plantation Owners Banned Learning

Amazon Banned Cellphones, Plantation Owners Banned Learning

In the big picture scheme of things, America remains a country with a slave mentality when you read about how Amazon banned cellphones for its workers the same way plantation owners banned learning by slaves. These cellphones Amazon banned could have saved lives during the tornadoes that devastated six states last week. Yet, the State of Illinois, or the Federal Government, have yet to announce an investigation into that practice. We remain a country of slave owners because of our lawless capitalism, and today’s Jeff Bezos is no different from Col. Joshua John Ward who owned the largest number of slaves in the 1850’s.

So far, we know of six Amazon workers who died.

Just as guilty are the managers of the Mayfield Candle Factory in Kentucky who threatened their employees with firing if they left the premises during the tornado hit. Six of them died that day. Unlike the Illinois Governor J.B. Prizker where the Amazon warehouse is located, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has ordered a probe into the Mayfield factory.

Hey Mayfield, you might as well just write a big fat check to the bereaved and the injured. So will Amazon write big fat checks too for making their work environment unsafe for their workers.


The cellphone ban Amazon has implemented as a policy for its warehouse workers has but one aim: Increase productivity. That 10-second call to a child or a wife is 10 seconds the workers are stealing from Amazon. The same way that slaves who learned how to write and read could also steal knowledge from their slave owners.

Bloomberg addressed the Amazon cell ban by writing about how one unnamed employee felt about the ban:

I don’t trust them with my safety to be quite frank. If there’s severe weather on the way, I think I should be able to make my own decision about safety.Bloomberg by Spencer Soper - December 11, 2021

Soper further writes: “Amazon declined to address the concerns raised by workers about its mobile phone policy … ”

Hey, productivity man. Or your life.

Because of lawless capitalism, the United States remains a country operating with a slave mentality. Are Australian workers better than American workers? If so, why do they make $15.30 an hour when the U.S. is still stuck at $7.25?

To add insult to injury, Australia’s GDP is $1.3 Trillion. The U.S. GDP is almost twenty times larger standing at just over $20 Trillion.

Like I said, slave mentality still prevails.

Amazon Banned Cellphones, Plantation Owners Banned Learning

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