Americans Know Biden Has Gone Senile

Americans Know Biden Has Gone Senile
Americans Know Biden Has Gone Senile

We don’t need Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, to tell us Biden is not the same man he observed as the VP under President Obama. And we don’t need either the report that Special Counsel Robert Hur produced citing the state of Biden’s mental acuity to see the truth of Biden. Most Americans know Biden has gone senile because of his blind support for Israel, which is backfiring big time on his campaign, and which may lose him the elections this November.

That’s how we know Biden is no longer fit to be the President of the United States. He lacks the minimum mental capacity to protect his own re-election.

No matter how much his advisers told him to catch his breath before committing to Israel head first, Biden ignored them all. Before he can even gauge the voters, and before he picks the phone and calls on former U.S. Presidents who fell off the cliffs because of Israel’s deviousness, Biden could not wait to fly to Jerusalem to embrace the genocidal maniac Benjamin Netanyahu.

So much so that he himself has earned the nickname Genocide Joe.

Watch how future memoirs and books are going to shed a much brighter light on his four years of mental inabilities to shock the nation.


Some experts might call Biden’s diving head-first into the Israeli cesspool as stupid, others may believe it was racism against Arabs and Muslims in general, and some, like Rep. Ronny Jackson, believe his cognitive abilities have declined considerably. We believe that it is a combination of all three factors.

No U.S. President in the past has ignored gauging the voters before they embarked on a major policy change to see whether the actions are popular, or not. U.S. Presidents, at least the smart ones, try and have their fingers on the pulse of the nation. At all the times.

But with Biden, he was quick to jump on Air Force One with no prior knowledge of what it might mean for his upcoming campaign.

When Biden repeated Israeli lies, also against the advice of his close inner circle, it was pure racism to peg the “beheading of Israeli babies” on his Islamophobic trope. A matter, which later turned out to be an Israeli lie whose aim was to con Joe Biden.

From the perspective of those who are watching the deliberate Israeli butchering of women and children in Gaza, they find no redeeming value in Biden’s moral bankruptcy, whether it is based on intentional racism, wanton stupidity, or uncontrollable mental decline.

It matters very little to these people what are the underlying causes. What matters now is that they keep him away from the White House.

Americans Know Biden Has Gone Senile

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