Betting Trump Will Go to Jail by September 1

Betting Trump Will Go to Jail by September 1
Betting Trump Will Go to Jail by September 1

Even though U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan warned Donald Trump during his arraignment in Washington, D.C. on August 3 against attacking the system for his indictment, the former President could not help himself. He did exactly what he was not supposed to do. It seems he wants Chutkan to lock him up because he can raise even more money from his followers. We are betting Trump will go to jail by September 1 because such a measure would pay off handsomely for him on two distinct fronts.

It would pay off in terms of running his graft deeper and faster than ever before by stripping his ignorant followers of their hard-earned income to pay for his deliberate mistakes. It might also pay off because he believes the more trouble he gets in, the better are his chances of becoming President again. Something that is not true if we are to measure the disdain most Americans had for Trump in 2020.


Since her warnings on August 3, Judge Chutkan cannot back down from her warnings. If she does, Trump would turn her courtroom into a BONA FIDE circus come his day in court. She cannot afford to let any of his attacks or threats to slide, and will have to order him into incarceration to stop him from further threatening the U.S. government.

Trump behind bars also means he has no access to the Internet or the media. Like a Mafia boss who orders hits, Trump will have to ask others to do his bidding, which might be a tad difficult given the intent of the DOJ to prosecute his co-conspirators as well. We don’t believe any of his close allies would risk a new DOJ investigation. They have to be as ignorant as he is to venture into that jungle.

We are betting Donald Trump will go to jail by September 1, if not before. The man not only cannot help himself, but ignoring the judge’s orders would, he has determined, work to his advantage.

Maybe the judge would also order the installation of cameras in his cell. Would that not be the ultimate humiliation?

Betting Trump Will Go to Jail by September 1

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