Biden Will Send F-16 Jet Fighters to Ukraine. Eventually

In what has become a habit for this administration to always say no to everything the Ukraine asks for in terms of military hardware, only to reluctantly back down on its decision months later, the trend continues with President Biden telling reporters he will not dispatch any F-16 jet fighters in support of Ukrainian war efforts to oust Russia from its territories. Given the history we have been witnessing since February 24, 2022, Biden will send F-16 jet fighters to Ukraine eventually. Only too few and too late again.

This is who our President is. He refuses to take any bold steps in the war in Ukraine fearing what Vladimir Putin response might be. Only to succumb to the reality of war months later when it is too late.

Any wonder this war will extend for years. Maybe, this is the US and Europe strategy after all. To use Ukraine as a Poker river for some strategic purpose.

But instead of helping trigger that possibility [military coup against Putin], Biden is still hesitant about everything Ukraine.


It matters little to the President that Putin’s response to every decision the US made with regard to sending high powered weaponry has been, essentially, non-existent. Putin can only watch and respond with his own war movements such as sending more Russian men to die in Ukraine.

So why that fear then? You would think by now the President has grown confident, not only to opening the weapon spigot for Ukraine, but also to reading Putin’s weakness when it comes to the limitations of his military.

When asked whether a Russian nuclear war is a reality, Secretary Lloyd Austin declared:

I do not. And I certainly, you know, everyone that’s in this neighborhood, that’s a part of the international community, is going to do what it, you know, everything that’s necessary to make sure that that doesn’t happen,”TheHill by Caroline Vakil - April 26, 2022

So, why the timidity on the part of the President? Why does he always say “no” first only to say “yes” a tad too late? It just seems strange how the President is running business at the White House using procrastination, indecisiveness, or misreading of the world affairs as the go-to process of choice.

Eventually, watch how Biden will send F-16 jet fighters when he realizes that Ukraine, albeit NATO, cannot win this war without throwing the kitchen sink at it. And honestly, to hell to what Putin thinks. The pressure inside Russia is building to the point of a realistic internal military coup against him.

But instead of helping trigger that possibility, Biden is still hesitant about everything Ukraine.

Biden Will Send F-16 Jet Fighters to Ukraine. Eventually

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