Blocking Trump From Running

Blocking Trump From Running
Blocking Trump From Running

There is a good strategy behind the Democrats attempting to disqualify Donald Trump and blocking him from running for Office in several States simultaneously. Besides his incompetency and unfitness, there is also the potential he may repeat the 2020 insurrection scenario. Anyone doubts he will again deny losing to Biden should have their heads examined. However, this time around, Trump might succeed in breaking our democracy apart, and this is reason number one why Democrats are right to prohibit him from running again. January 6 was a test run, but come this January 2025, he will be far better prepared. You see, blocking Trump from running will also discourage his voters, now totally dispirited, from voting in the 2024 presidential elections.

Under such scenario, not only will the Democrats stop Trump in his track, but they will also win in 2024 if his followers and supporters, disgusted that their cult leader has become an impotent non-entity, will stay home.

Devious plan, but oh so necessary to save this country from Trump’s evil.


Under a situation where Trump is prohibited from running for office because of his January 6 insurrection, the sole beneficiary, come July 2024 GOP nomination process in Wisconsin, will be Ron DeSantis. That formula works well for President Biden.

Two major issues will hurt DeSantis chances of winning in 2024 if the GOP nominates him.

First, as we discussed it above, Trump voters will no show up. Not for DeSantis and not for anyone else. Their hate for DeSantis is a tad higher than their hate for Joe Biden, and their leader will not move the needle. Not for Ron DeSantis. This is why Trump has refused to abide by the GOP pledge to support the candidate the party chooses to represent all Republicans. For the 45th president, it’s Trump or nobody.

Second is Ron DeSantis signing in the middle of the night an abortion ban that goes into effect after six-weeks of pregnancy. The majority of the American voters will not support such an extremist policy or its author. Even if DeSantis wins the nomination fair and square, we believe he will struggle to find country-wide approval for his radical policies. Not only the ones harming women, but the black voters and the LBGTQ community as well. The man will fail miserably on a national level.

When he does, Rep. Matt Gaetz will probably run for his job in Florida in 2026 with the blessings of the Führer out for revenge. In fact, by 2027, Ron DeSantis might become as obscure as he was a few years back.

Good riddance, we say.

Blocking Trump from running for his treachery is the best strategy the Democrats can concoct to keep the White House in 2024.

Blocking Trump From Running

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