Brazil Speedy Investigation of January 8

Brazil Speedy Investigation of January 8
Brazil Speedy Investigation of January 8

Watch the Brazil speedy investigation of January 8 unfold and compare it to our own January 6 investigation here in the United States to discover just how slow and inequitable our justice system has been towards powerful white people in control of the system. Brazil supreme court announced on January 13 that it is investigating Jair Bolsonaro, the alter ego of Donald Trump who instigated his supporters to attack their presidential place and congress on January 8, 2023.

When did our own justice system begin to investigate Donald Trump? Not until late July of 2022 did we know that the DOJ was investigating Trump’s actions, which is different than investigating Trump himself.

In brief, Brazil began investigating its own insurrectionist president 5 days after attempting to overturn an election, and our system of justice started its own investigation Donald Trump 561 days after he asked his supporters to storm The Capitol. That’s 5 days as opposed to 561 days here at home.


Americans are still waiting for justice when it comes to Trump’s treasonous behavior. So far, the former President has escaped accountability even though there have been several investigations in his conduct. Does the lack of action indicate that the Democrats intend to drop the other shoe closer to 2024, which, in and by itself, is an illegal action when one political party manipulates the system to its own political advantage? Or, does it mean that our justice system cannot handle high crimes when it comes to powerful people? The whole system is set to punish the small fishes while allowing the big ones to often escape its nets.

Now say out loud “Justice is Blind” in America, which has a different meaning when you watch Brazil speedy investigation of January 8 crimes under its laws.

Hey Merrick, the American people are starting to understand how weak you are. Maybe you can learn something from Brazil how fast to start an investigation of wrong doing. One that almost destroyed this country’s Constitution.

There is a good reason we call Merrick Waldo Garland. One can find him nowhere doing his job without fearing intimidation.

Brazil Speedy Investigation of January 8

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