Canada is a Communist Country. According to Most Republicans

Canada is a Communist Country. According to Most Republicans

According to many Republicans tweeting about the Build Better Back bill that Joe Manchin is decimating, Canada is a communist country. Our neighbor to the north has implemented a universal healthcare for over the last forty years to all its citizens and the country boasts the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) program, which helps the children of struggling families. This, according to the GOP assault on Build Back Better, makes Canada a communist country.

The same programs Build Back Better is trying to address, mostly on a temporary basis, Canada has implemented long time ago on a permanent basis. Does this make Canada a communist nation? If not, why is Fox News and the GOP assaulting their fellow Democrats with such venom?

It’s a simple answer. Republicans fear the day most Americans realize they can have a better life if only their government protected their rights. And what does it take to have a more compassionate government? Less Republicans in office.


Ever since Senator Bernie Sanders, to include the progressive democratic voters, have been telling the American public that their own government is short-circuiting their human rights, the GOP has been in panic mode. Most of their Senators run like headless chickens calling the Democrats who seek fair and equitable laws communists and socialists. Even Bolsheviks, believe it or not.

Just watch any segment of Fox News and you will hear it repeated constantly.

What is so communist about old people getting a free hearing aid they cannot afford to buy on their own for $5,000 or more?

And why that expensive? Because America has become a lawless capitalist country with no oversight over its extreme greed. Free hearing aid, when it is so expensive, is a human rights issue. So is free healthcare for every American.

If paying $39.95 per ml of Humulin insulin in the United States as opposed to $0.00 in the United Kingdom makes the UK a communist country, then many Americans welcome that labeling if it saves them money. This is the realization many American voters are beginning to understand and it is striking great fear in the hearts of the cruel GOP politicians whose only mission is to enrich the already very rich.

We remain an immature country whose powers are disproportional to our civic responsibilities.


To stymie this steady changing of the minds among voters, the GOP has resorted to extreme language like calling Democrats supporting the Build Back Better communists and socialists.

This tactic may delay the inevitable, but it will not stop the obvious. It will not stop voters from recognizing the fact that paying too much for their drugs, as compared to other western developed nations, functions as a runaway greed their own government is unable to control. Only voting for more progressive politicians will eventually put an end to this American lawless capitalist experiment.

Meanwhile, the GOP is panicking. Labeling their Democrat colleagues as communists is a telltale sign.

Many countries in Europe have been able to balance between profitability of their capitalism and the social safety net every civilized nation must provide to improve the lives of their people. Except in America where lawless capitalism has been prevailing since the Reagan years.

The fact that no Republican is willing to vote for Build Back Better says much about how civilized we are. As a nation.

We remain an immature country whose powers are disproportional to our civic responsibilities. Not before we recognize that the lawless capitalist formula we have embraced is not sustainable in the long-term, can we then adjust our social compass to take care of our people as much as we take care of corporate America.

Until we do, Canada, in the eyes of the extreme Republicans, is a communist country. So is the United Kingdom.

Have faith, though. It is a question of time before the civilized win this battle.

Canada is a Communist Country. According to Most Republicans

    1. If you don’t know what communism is all about, you know like the government owns every business and every human being, you should not write such nonsense. And stop watching Fox news. They are notorious at making people sound stupid.

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