Capitalism and Calls for Civil Unrest Are Oxymoronic

Capitalism and Calls for Civil Unrest Are Oxymoronic
Capitalism and Calls for Civil Unrest Are Oxymoronic

While many want to highlight the Trump threats of a civil war if prosecuted, compounded by his sidekick Senator Lindsey Graham also threatening the country with civil unrest if the DOJ prosecutes his cult leader, don’t believe these two idiots for a minute. Capitalism and calls for civil unrest are oxymoronic. The last people who want to see the country on fire are the Republicans. Such would destroy businesses and wreck havoc on the U.S. economy, and Republicans understand that violent riots might undermine their chances for re-election as corporate funds steer away from anti-capitalist behavior.

Hey, Merrick, just lock up the Fuhrer up and ignore all the threats he is leveling against our nation.

As for Lindsey Graham, it is almost a certainty that Trump asked him to sink so low by repeating the same threat on Fox. This Senator has no shame and no moral compass. He has witnessed a former President try and mount a coup against the U.S. Government and he remains a loyal dog licking Trump’s boots at every occasion. Even if that includes inciting violence.

Wonder what the deceased parents of Lindsey Graham might think of his cowardice had they been still alive today to witness it..


In the aftermath to George Floyd tragic murder at the hands of a White Supremacist police officer, riots exploded in so many American cities. The only common denominator in response to the riots was the outrage the Republicans expressed. Why? Because the very same people demonstrating and rioting were the ones they need to make our economy hum. They want them working, not rioting.

If Americans rioted on the streets day and night against police brutality, who is going to flip their burgers and change their bed sheets? In similar fashion, if Trump and Graham call for civil unrest, who is going to police their neighborhood and unclog their toilets? We cannot be so gullible as to believe their threats. There is too much money at stakes here.

Mind you, Graham is threatening today because Trump probably asked him to spread dangerous rhetoric. But, he will, when push comes to shove, hold his tongue in check for the above reasons.

On Trump, we are not certain because the former Fuhrer and loser only thinks of himself. We guarantee you, however, that the Republican Party and all Republicans would stand against his calls united as one. These nincompoops cannot afford to antagonize their base of donors many of whom run large businesses.

So, even if Trump goes haywire, everyone else would stand up to his psychopathic behavior. To include Fox, which also cannot afford to see its advertising dollar dry up as a result of supporting Trump’s unbecoming conduct.

In short, believe the intentions of Donald Trump, but don’t believe an outcome congruent to the Fuhrer’s wishes.

We hope Merrick Garland is in that same mindset too.

Capitalism and Calls for Civil Unrest Are Oxymoronic

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