Captagon or The Arab League?

Captagon or The Arab League
Captagon or The Arab League

For those who don’t pay the kind of consuming, detailed attention to the Middle East and specifically Syria, the region has been experiencing a pandemic of a sort. It began when the Assad regime tried to fill its government coffers by engaging in illicit drug trade targeting the rich kids in the Gulf using Captagon, which is a potent drug based on Fenethylline. Besides funding his regime of terror, Assad was also punishing the Arab leaders for ostracizing his rule and refusing to re-admit him back into the Arab League. For Assad, it was Captagon or the Arab League re-admission he lost in 2011 because of the civil war he ruthlessly executed against his own people.

But as soon as the Gulf leaders welcomed him back to stem the flow of Captagon, thus yielding to Assad’s blackmail, the Syrian street erupted shortly thereafter. Mostly due to the Assad regime killing government subsidies on energy consumer products to make-up for the Captagon lost revenues.


By choosing the Arab League over selling drugs in the Middle East, Bashar al-Assad has ignited again the same street protests that saw his brutality rise to the 2011 levels.

Today, the Syrian people are under assault for simply seeking relief from the economic hardships Assad leveled against them. On a daily basis, several cities have been erupting in protests reminiscent to the year 2011, and as reminiscent is Assad’s response bombing civilians in key cities.

The U.S. media has been remiss in covering Syria’s new uprisings. No one can explain the reasons, except to acknowledge that encouraging anti-Assad sentiments might embolden the likes of ISIS the United States is still fighting in Syria. So keep quiet, and certainly do not call for respecting human rights in that country whose destruction is almost complete.

The likelihood that the gulf countries paid blackmail money to Assad are highly probable. The relationship between Syria and the gulf since Hafez al-Assad, father to this dictator, has always been one of threats and payments. Since Assad son lost billions defending his rule during the civil war, he concentrated his efforts on fund recovery. The rest, like readmission to the Arab League, is secondary to his primary goal of restitution.

Assad will never be safe in his own country as long as the street can rise anytime it wants to rise. The international community is missing this dynamic reality, and no matter how many other countries back his rule of terror, there will come a time soon when his rule will collapse. After the Islamists become too weak to matter.

Such will yield for a better future for the Syrian people.

Captagon or The Arab League?

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