Compare Chinese Diplomacy To American Violence

Compare Chinese Diplomacy To American Violence
Compare Chinese Diplomacy To American Violence

When you compare the two countries with the two largest economies (China exceeding $35 Trillions as opposed to the U.S. reaching $28 Trillions per GDP based on purchasing power parity), something quite shocking jumps at you. The United States kills its way to enriching itself by subjugating other nations, while China, a country that never bombed any other in modern history, uses diplomacy and patience to grow its economy. And if you compare skillful Chinese diplomacy to American violence, it is not hard to see who is winning the minds and hearts of the world.

The United States, for better or worse, does not know how to resolve its problems using diplomacy. Sooner, or later, the U.S. trigger-happy culture and the influence of its military industrial complex eventually mass kills people across the globe. Who could forget Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan?

Meanwhile, we challenge anyone to name one country that China, in modern history, has bombed or attacked its civilian population like the United States, or Israel, often do.

Yes, we are a great country. In-between, committing massacres and genocides to feed greed and lawless capitalism.


China is against what is happening in Gaza, which makes China a much more respected country around the world than the United States, whose idiot of a President, at the age of 81, is committing unforgiven genocide.

On February 1, 2024, Ambassador Zhang Jun delivered a speech to the U.N. General Assembly. Below are the most important excerpts related to Gaza:

As we speak, the situation in the Middle-East is on the verge of extreme peril. Easing tensions and preventing the escalation of conflict are pressing tasks facing the international community. Confronted with this complex situation, we must be clear on the following questions:

– Who is creating threats, whether in the Middle East or elsewhere?

– Who is engaged in the excessive use of force?

– And who is misleading public opinion?

On those issues, we MUST respect facts, uphold justice and abide by principles. It is simply not right to let the loudest voice set the tone or let the strongest fist have the final say. U.N. Ambassador to China Zhan Jun - February 1, 2024

Yes, America is a great country. In-between, committing massacres and genocides to feed its rapacious greed and lawless capitalism.

This is what statesmanship looks like. Shame on you, Joe Biden. You are nothing but a petty warmonger.


In the same speech, China attacked the U.S. for stoking the flames of fire, using violence to perpetuate violence. Just compare Chinese diplomacy and statesmanship to American violence in Gaza.

The US purports that it does not seek to create conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else, but in reality it does precisely the opposite. The US military actions are undoubtedly stoking new turmoil in this region and further intensify tensions. History has repeatedly shown that military means is not a solution and that the excessive use of force will only lead to bigger crisis. The US actions will certainly exacerbate the vicious circle of tit-for-tat violence in the Middle East. We have witnessed too many examples and precedents in this regard.[…]

It must be pointed out that underneath the rising tensions in the Middle East over the past few months, the fundamental reason is the failure to implement a ceasefire in Gaza. China has repeatedly emphasized that an immediate ceasefire in Gaza is a critical overriding prerequisite for everything else and a top priority for international diplomatic efforts. All parties should heed the strong call and the overwhelming consensus of the international community and support the Security Council in taking strong actions to promote an immediate ceasefire […]

We call the country concerned [i.e. the US] to demonstrate political will and determination, take more practical actions to safeguard regional peace and stability, make less selfish geopolitical calculations, and play a constructive role that is expected of it.U.N. Ambassador to China Zhan Jun - February 1, 2024

This is what statesmanship and real diplomacy look like. Shame on you, Joe Biden. You are nothing but a petty warmonger.

Compare Chinese Diplomacy To American Violence

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