Conciliating with Undemocratic Republicans Would be a Grave Mistake

Biden should ram down the throats of the White Supremacists in Congress every bill he could muster for the next two years, and I believe Democrats would pay a hefty price come 2022 if they chose to play nice. In fact, conciliating with undemocratic Republicans would be a grave mistake, and any attempt to waltz with a bunch of Insurrectionists willing to destroy our democracy is not only inadvisable, but it will turn the Democrats into complicit enablers. President Biden should run with his powers without looking back because Congress has become a hopeless entity run by lunatics who listen to a deranged former President.

Everyone can see, before their eyes, the future of the Republican Party. One basking in Trump’s swamp, and believing it’s a luxurious spa. This makes them all unfit to govern, just like the man they are blindly loyal to today.

The income inequality today stares us in the face like a murder weapon.


The middle class in this country has been decimated because of unwise policies that have been festering the last 40 years, which enabled companies like Amazon and so many others to skirt their social responsibility by paying no taxes on hundreds of billions of dollars. Guess who filled the gap? Struggling families trying to keep their head above the water. Some of whom stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Just as white power dislodged indigenous Indians from their lands and enslaved blacks, they also, the last forty years of uncommon greed, beheaded the middle class in America. The income inequality today stares us in the face like a murder weapon.

So, enough of those idiots, like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, trying to lead us further astray. President Biden is trying to undo the inequities of the last 40 years, and he should do it alone and on his terms. Any attempt to kumbaya with the Republicans will only dilute the genuine effort and determination to change the country’s direction, which is playing before us today. Forget the Republicans, and just forge ahead. The people of this country have spoken, and they want Biden to remove the shackles tying the middle class down, and improving the lives of the poor.

No more “greed is good”, no more bailouts, no more corporate tax breaks, and no more looking back.

If they [corporate America] don’t help Biden, the progressives will eventually control the economic agenda.


Besides few domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol, no one of consequence seems to be facing any accountability for the Insurrection of 2021. Trump is suntanning in Florida, Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are still spreading lies and ignoring any calls to resign, and so are the many invisible faces who were complicit in the treason. No one has paid any price so far. That’s not to say it won’t happen down the road, but until that moment, Joe Biden should just ignore the noise and impose his will on Congress to pass all the laws necessary to reverse the destructive sociopolitical and economic trends of the Republican Party.

Their aim was always to keep the minorities from achieving economic independence for fear it might empower them to revolt politically. And they certainly succeeded by enriching white power at the expense of everyone else.

Like stopping to give tax breaks to the wealthiest people in this country who already do not pay their fair share of taxes. Every dollar the US Government is unable to collect from the wealthy will come out from the pockets of the middle class, the upper middle class, and the poor in this country. Something most people do not realize. Any wonder why the American people have become disillusioned and insecure? Thanks to the policies of the Republican Party.

Joe Biden must shut down the Insurrectionists by shutting down the power of their Representatives in Congress. And if corporate America has any common sense, the CEO’s of the 5000 Fortune companies would support Biden all the way. They too witnessed a miniature Bastilles in the making and the rise of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If they don’t help Biden, the progressives will eventually control the economic agenda.

Enough excuses. Enough inequities and injustices. Let us all rebuild this country to glorious and rising economic tides impacting everyone across the demographic spectrum equally.

Conciliating with Undemocratic Republicans Would be a Grave Mistake

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