Definitions Applying to Race and Religion

If you read the Blog, you notice sometimes we interchange descriptions relating to people. In order not to confuse anyone, we are publishing these definitions applying to race and religion; in addition to ideology to help the readers identify any misnomers.


  • Old White Men: Not all old white men are White Supremacists or racist demagogues. But when we write “Old White Men”, we mean the racist White Supremacists among them.
  • White Anglo-Saxon Protestants: The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants remain the largest religious denomination among those in power in Congress. Many enjoy the respect of their peers, but some are outright horrible. Rep. Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene come to mind. When we address that group by denomination, we mean to target the Gosars and the Greenes in Congress, and not the Cheneys or the Romneys.
  • Evangelicals and “Born Again” Christians: Most White Anglo-Saxon Evangelicals are White Supremacists who hold the reigns of power like no other group in this country. Most are horrible people whose racism is legendary. If our country is experiencing systemic racism and economic deprivation of the African-American communities, it’s because of some of the worst Evangelicals you will find in places like the Freedom Caucus. These people all but forgot what Jesus stood for.
  • Republicans: As we all have witnessed after the 2020 elections leading up to the insurrection and beyond, most Republicans in both Houses have refused to admit defeat. Many are working to dismantle our democracy in favor of a fascist state. We have no respect for the Trump Republicans and we will call them any time for their White Supremacist positions or racism. Many anti-Trump Republicans are decent politicians even if we don’t agree with their single-minded goal of enriching further the rich.


Any of the above applies to a Confederate. They could be racist White Supremacist, Evangelicals, Neo-Nazis, or insurrectionists.

  • Insurrectionists: Most of the people who stormed The Capitol on January 6 are either Confederates who refuse to accept the civil war outcome of 1865, or political extremists with twisted agendas like Nazism. There is no love lost for these sickos and we will always highlight their violent tendencies in the hope Congress passes laws to hold these domestic terrorists accountable for their actions.
  • Neo-Nazis: Bad White Anglo-Saxon Protestants tend to hate anyone who is not. To include Catholics and Jews, Blacks and Asians, and even Republicans — they call them RINO’s. They also tend to seek the return of the Fuhrer, which is what they see in Donald Trump.

Not all old white men, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, Evangelicals, or Republicans are bad. But all insurrectionists and Confederates are. Further, White Supremacists and Confederates are not mutually exclusive.

We hope this clarifies our wording, and thank you,

Definitions Applying to Race and Religion