Defunding Israel Should Be a Campaign Slogan

Defunding Israel Should Be a Campaign Slogan
Defunding Israel Should Be a Campaign Slogan

As AIPAC oils its foreign wheels to interfere directly into our elections, we believe the chasm between the ultrarich and the needy, or the very rich and the struggling, has reached dangerous levels in this country. As such, speaking of U.S. government waste might just be the ticket to stop AIPAC from harming further our interests. And what better way to speak of waste than to speak of how much Israel cost taxpayers. In fact, defunding Israel should be a campaign slogan for all those progressive members of Congress that AIPAC is targeting directly because they called for a ceasefire.

The best defense, as they say, is an aggressive offense.

After Gaza, there is enough domestic political animosity against Israel that would make the message resonate across many different groups of voters. Arab-Americans, black Americans, Muslim Americans, Generation Z, plain good mothers who abhor Israel for killing babies, concerned U.S. soldiers about a wider war Israel is already instigating as Biden complies by bombing Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, doctors and nurses whose humanity we cannot ignore, and the list goes on.

There are enough struggling Americans who will see the value of defunding Israel as a necessity to contain its evil and to use the money it costs this country at home. This is how we could end the violence and expansionist policies of Israel by pressuring our politicians to do the right thing by our country.

Germany should give up parts of their lands to inhabit the Jews of Europe.


Israel is a vulnerable country, which it hides well by claiming immense powers, which also include controlling the United States. While money plays an important role in the politics of Israel in the U.S., when it comes to strategic imperatives, no Anglo-Saxon country is going to allow a bunch of so-called ‘chosen people’ to impose their will on its vast military and economic powers.

This means that to go after Israeli Apartheid, one must go for the jugular persistently and constantly. In Gaza, Israel proved to be a great liability for the United States as demonstrated by Joe Biden bombing three different Arab countries, simultaneously, because none wants to submit to Israeli genocide in Gaza. It’s 19th century colonialism that Joe Biden is practicing all to save Israel, which should really exist in Germany, not the Middle East.

But the fallout from that policy are yet to come home to roost. And when they do, the progressive members of Congress should start calling for the defunding of Israel. Openly and unapologetically.

There was a good reason Europeans kicked the Jews out of Europe. Now, the whole world is witnessing what that reason might have been due to all the cheating, the lying, the conspiratorial conniving to kill people, and the endless cycle of violence the Jews of Europe leading Israel are perpetrating today.

Germany should give up parts of their lands to inhabit the Jews of Europe. The reason this did not happen is that no European country wants the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu, devoid of any empathy towards other humans, on their soil.

Just like they did in Germany, they would destroy everything they touched.

Defunding Israel Should Be a Campaign Slogan

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