Democrats Are Failing to Understand the American Voters

Americans vote for either political party to solve their problems. But when party leadership demonstrate a noticeable incompetence about where their voters stand, it is bound to impact their elections. Take the reversal of Roe Vs. Wade, as an example. The Democratic machine sees it as an opportunity to energize voters and fund raise; however, if you poll voters, there may be a growing frustration that even though Democrats control all the levers of power, this administration has failed miserably to deliver. In a snapshot, Democrats are failing to understand what drives the American voters. They seem to think that their power, they hardly know how to use, is all that matters.

And there is no better example than an interview an MSNBC reporter aired about a young protester complaining how the Joe Biden presidency is handling the Supreme Court anti-abortion ruling. Mainly by fund raising on the matter instead of doing something about it. It is as if the Democrats wanted Roe vs. Wade overturned to energize voters to cement their hold on power using angry women to help with their goals. This shows how little they understand their voters. Or how little they underestimate them.

Unlike the Trumpists, the Democrats are better educated and more sophisticated than this President is giving them credit for.


It seems that every time the Republicans score points while standing on the sideline, the Democrats are short of answers in how to respond. Two inconsequential Senators in Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have blocked the President and his agenda over the last two years and he still has no answers to either. Maybe President Joe Biden should read about how Lyndon Johnson made the Senate fear him.

It is not about how great the Republican strategies have been, but rather how bad the Democrats have been trying to govern over the last two years. While the President scored some points early on with his COVID Relief Bill and the Infrastructure Bill, he has, since, faltered royally.

The President is an old pro-establishment guy. This makes him vulnerable to applying old fashioned tactics, which, in today’s divisive environment, no longer work. One such is protecting the filibuster. Totally unreasonable in today’s America, and yet, the President seems so disconnected from the American voters. He read polls, but he is totally in the dark about what they think. Proof? The interview above. His campaign should have never used the abortion issue as a fund raising opportunity.

Democrats are failing to understand the mindsets of their frustrated base. And when they do, they look like under achievers even with all the power their voters have given them.

One more thing. Unlike most of the dumb Trumpists, the Democrats are better educated and more sophisticated than this President is giving them credit for. Joe Biden cannot run them in circles like Trump runs his base.

We deserve politicians who understand power and know how to use it to protect our interests.


The President’s action plan has come to us in pieces. Always in response to a crisis, and never hedging against one. We hear about how to fight inflation after inflation. We hear about how to protect women’s rights after they lose them. It’s a Presidency that is only energized after a five alarm system has sounded. No prevention strategies seem to exist. Democrats lose and they react, while letting the Republicans, totally out of power, drive the agenda in Washington.

Not only this is not sustainable as poll numbers show, but it is also empowering the Republicans to double down on taking unheard of risks. Ergo, McConnell threatening to kill a bipartisan and a popular Bill just to stop the Democrats from passing a Reconciliation Bill not to his liking. How is that for big balls?

In brief, the whole Democratic machine seems to be driven by chaos and disorder. Just like headless chickens fluttering about.

Grant you that ten Presidents like Joe Biden are still better than one Donald Trump. No doubt about it. But the American voters deserve better than an oscillating Presidency more interested in reading the tea leaves than acting.

We deserve politicians who understand power and know how to use it to protect our interests.

Democrats Are Failing to Understand the American Voters

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