Democrats Are Screaming at Biden to Grow a Spine

I have never witnessed this before. Lawmakers from the same party as the President are voicing, openly and publicly, their deep concerns over the policies of their commander-in-chief. But this is exactly what is happening in Washington today. Democrats are screaming at Biden to grow a spine by helping Ukraine defend against one of the most barbaric men alive in the 21 century. Yet, Biden remains hiding under his desk paralyzed by the fear that Putin may drag him into a war. And since Putin knows this reality about our President, he is doing all he can to scare him into more inaction.

It’s just sickening to many Americans to see their President fold under pressure at the hands of an international mass murderer and a thug.

Mind you, how many aircraft carriers Joe Biden commands? Eleven. How many Putin commands? One, which hardly works. Yet, our President is afraid of his own shadow and won’t defend the Ukraine with any Churchillian will to win.

This is not the America that will capture the imagination of the world free communities and become its beacon of hope


In a CNN article, this is what Rep. Mike Quigley, an Illinois Democrat, said about Biden’s fear of action with regard to sending the Polish MiG-29 jets from a U.S. German air base:

“Open the skies, give them the planes. These issues trump anything else we’re concerned about. I can’t stomach quibbling and drawing lines when Putin has already said the sanctions are war. We’re delivering lethal aid. Do we honestly think Putin is going to draw a distinction between the Javelins and Stingers that are coming across killing Russians very effectively from jets protecting the skies above?”CNN by Jeremy Herb, Jeremy Diamond, Kevin Liptak, Natasha Bertrand and Lauren Fox - March 9, 2022

If this does not shame Joe Biden into real action, nothing will. The man has already given up on the whole of Ukraine just as his old boss, Barack Obama, gave up on the Crimea in 2014 and Syria in 2015. Both men are made from the same cowardly fabric weaving itself into a frenzied and meritless fear.

This is not the America that will capture the imagination of the world free communities and become its beacon of hope. Rather, under Biden, America has turned into a willing machine oiling the violent journey of one evil man as he commits atrocities against humanity.

So, bravo Joseph Biden. You just turned a great nation into a small and petty country unable to defend its ideological positions, and which no longer shines its light of freedom on the rest of humankind.

Thank you, Mr. President, for making all Americans feel so small.

Thank you, Mr. President, for letting Putin kill women and children instead of committing more resources to stop him. The Ukrainians are writing your history with their blood.

Democrats Are Screaming at Biden to Grow a Spine

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