DeSantis May Be Unfit To Become President

On March 13, 2023, Ron DeSantis ventured into foreign policy by claiming that Ukraine does not represent a vital interest to the United States. His comments drew harsh rebukes, even from GOP Senators. It has become somewhat obvious to many Americans that after the comments he made, DeSantis may be unfit to become President of the United States. If the man cannot recognize the danger of Vladimir Putin and his evil intentions towards the western civilization, he does not belong in the White House in charge of essential national security decisions. Not when DeSantis looks like such a novice on foreign policy, and certainly not when many in his own clan distance themselves from him for his naive mindset.

DeSantis may be the right stuff for the octogenarians in Florida, but he is certainly making grave mistakes when it comes to national acceptance. His naïveté combined with his authoritarian tendencies will be deeply problematic for the country.

It is imperative for Americans to ask DeSantis to submit to a psychiatric test.


In the Republican Party, very few Senators have the foreign policy experience to understand the true dangers to the United States like Senator Lindsey Graham. Love him, or not, the man has been around long enough to render an expert opinion on foreign policy. In response to DeSantis naïveté, Graham said:

To say this doesn’t matter is to say that war crimes don’t matter. If you don’t get that [Putin’s aggression beyond Ukraine], you’re not listening to what he’s saying.CNN by Jack Forrest - March 15, 2023

That’s quite an indictment of DeSantis naïveté, and this kind of statement should be of concern to every voter. This author believes that DeSantis is just full of hot air. All bravado and no real substance. No real weight worthy to lead a superpower.

It is imperative for Americans to ask DeSantis to submit to a psychiatric test because, from his history as governor, he has demonstrated flashes of dictatorial tendencies, the impulse to limit individual liberties, and a penchant to push the envelope on everything anti-democratic. Just imagine, for a moment, the damage he can cause to our Republic with these limitations.

This country is in real trouble when the top two Republican candidates running for President are two white supremacist racists


A short biographical article on DeSantis during his term in the House of Representatives described his loner personality in details. He had no friends in Congress, and often his colleagues would see him by himself, unable to mix with the others. In fact, he never made any overtures to try and connect with anyone in the House, leaving him to look standoffish in an institution where schmoozing and Quid Pro Quo have a life of their own.

One lawmaker confirmed this fact about him:

He wasn’t a friendly guy. He was a personal-agenda-driven guy. I was with him in the gym every morning and could hardly get him to say hello. He didn’t seem like he liked being here.NBC News by Scott Wong - March 15, 2023

You know who else was a loner? Adolph Hitler. He, too, banned books written by Jewish authors the way DeSantis is banning books written by African-American intellectuals and educators. What’s next on DeSantis agenda? Maybe concentration camps.

This country is in real trouble when the top two Republican candidates running for President are a white supremacist racist who flaunts the law, and the other is a white supremacist racist who bends the law and is a dangerous loner.

DeSantis May Be Unfit To Become President

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