Did Netanyahu Order The Massacre of Starving Civilians?

Did Netanyahu Order The Massacre of Starving Civilians?
Did Netanyahu Order The Massacre of Starving Civilians?

Think about it. If the talks between Hamas and Israel, with help from the U.S., Egypt, and Qatar culminate in a successful ceasefire, even if temporary, and the ultimate release of the Israeli hostages, the majority of the people of Israel would immediately demand an investigation into the October 7 security lapses. Benjamin Netanyahu would have to answer for his incompetence, as well as his ongoing crimes of corruption. Because it is not in the best self interests of Netanyahu for the war to end, logic dictates that the world asks one important question: Did Netanyahu order the massacre of starving Palestinians to derail the negotiations with Hamas?

Just as Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 to derail Netanyahu’s diplomatic jewel of normalizing relations with Israel?

We believe U.S. intelligence has already made that determination, which explains why Joe Biden has decided to drop aid for the starving people in Gaza. We hope the drop would happen away from the Israeli guns of terror, which will not hesitate to cold murder again starving Palestinians.

Is Biden finally realizing what Benjamin Netanyahu is up to? That monster only cares about remaining in power. With AIPAC’s help and conniving.

Netanyahu is setting one trap after another for Joe Biden, and our decrepit and old president is responding with the minimum of effort and no retaliation to end the terror of the Israeli prime minister.

The foolishness of Joe Biden has no limits.


Somebody in the Biden administration is cursing AIPAC to high heaven as the famine in Gaza turns into a global humanitarian tragedy. Had Biden not blocked UNRWA funding, with AIPAC pressing the issue behind the scenes, the U.N. agency might be able to handle the aid into Gaza without relying on the U.S. risking its own to aid Gaza directly.

The foolishness of Joe Biden has no limits.

How will the United States handle those extremist Jewish settlers camping at the Rafah border crossing, and who are blocking the food trucks from entering? We suggest a burst of Egyptian tank fire. The same way the Israelis used tank fire to kill starving Palestinians trying to get flour sacs to their families. It is time the world recognizes that Zionism is Nazism on steroids.

Do we believe Netanyahu ordered the bread massacre against the civilians in Gaza? Absolutely, we do. That modern mini-Hitler came from the same European stock of barbarity. We even wonder if Netanyahu’s DNA is not a clone of that of Hitler, and that monster in Jerusalem is not really his lost son because he is certainly acting like one.

Wake up America. Israel is harming our interests on a scale that will create endless problems for the United States. Do you really think Antony Blinken would ever speak of human rights and international law ever again?

He would be laughed out of the building, the city, and the country all together.

Did Netanyahu Order The Massacre of Starving Civilians?

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