Did Trump Sell Nuclear Secrets to Saudi Arabia?

Did Trump Sell Nuclear Secrets to Saudi Arabia
Did Trump Sell Nuclear Secrets to Saudi Arabia

Did Trump sell nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia? This is the big question raging on Twitter as the FBI hauls stacks of Top Secret documents, with some labeled as TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) from Mar-a-Lago. Was it Trump’s aim, all along, since he first came to office? Remember that his first foreign trip was to Saudi Arabia. Even before visiting our allies in Europe. Was this the big payday Trump hoped for to extricate himself from all the bad business decisions he made and the debts he accumulated? The one thing that could save him from his 7th bankruptcy?

Now, more than ever, the Federal Government needs to investigate Donald Trump financial records to include the possibilities he opened foreign bank accounts under the names of his own children. Or other assumed names.

Now, more than ever, the U.S. Government should descend on Saudi Arabia the way it descended on Iran to investigate the possibility Donald Trump sold them nuclear secrets.

If one understands Islam, one would know that Saudi rapprochement with Israel is temporary. A timely union for self-preservation due to Iranian aggression. But a nuclear arsenal in the hands of a murderer is forever.

Nothing is impossible, and no amount of imagined chicanery is a bridge too far Donald Trump. He would do anything for money. Anything.


No number of emails Trump could send to swindle his supporters by seeking their money could equal a good payday from the Saudis. Especially, with Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) whose grand plans for Saudi Arabia might include becoming a nuclear power. All under the radar while the world busies itself with the LIV golf league, and other trivial pursuits such as NEOM, which, might cost Saudi Arabia ten times more than previously planned. A project destined to failure and to bankrupt the kingdom.

For Mohammad bin Salman, no one is better placed to provide him with valuable information than a former President of the United States. Petty, greedy, and the perfect narcissist, Trump has just the personality to betray his own country under the Espionage Act; and Saudi Arabia is just the perfect foolish country to pay him billions for his betrayal.

If Jared could talk his way into a $2 billion loan he probably will never pay back, what makes us think Trump has not talked himself into claiming he deserves 10 times this amount? If successful, Trump would have a tough time justifying a sudden wealth of such magnitude. Unless, he hides it in some friendly country, like Hungary, under an assumed fake citizenship for his children to benefit from long after he dies.

Nothing is impossible, and no amount of imagined chicanery is a bridge too far for Donald Trump. He would do anything for money. Anything.

Did Trump Sell Nuclear Secrets to Saudi Arabia?

  1. It makes perfect sense…why did the Saudis come to Trump’s rescue when the PGA said they weren’t going to use his golf courses because of his actions on 1/6 Insurrection..All of a sudden the Saudis come to his rescue throwing millions on greedy golfers willing to leave their PGA where they got their notoriety…to join the Saudi Govt. owned Liv Golf to
    stick it to the PGA? Way too coincidental…that’s just one example…then throw in Jared Kushner’s billions for his own New York Building…something doesn’t add up here! Cannot imagine a more brutal country to own nuclear…

  2. The Saudi’s talked against Biden in the gas gouging they recently created….but they go into business with Trump org in a huge building project in Quatar….then take into consideration their taking over Golf away from the PGA…offering outlandish payouts to the greedy golfers who would betray their country like Trump for the dollar…So it is only the Saudi’s and the Russians in Trump’s corner…remember when Trump betrayed secrets right in our faces with the Russians in the White House. One can only assume Trump with those secret boxes of confidential and secret military documents that were missing are in the hands of both countries….we have to take action to remove our military from the Saudi’s that Trump placed there…Way too fishy how all this went down!

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