Differing Political Views Split the American Jewish Community

Differing Political Views Split the American Jewish Community
Differing Political Views Split the American Jewish Community

There is old, and then there is much older. In-between, there is a demographic that the majority of old and senile folks, like our own President, keep forgetting it exists until it begins to flex its muscles openly against those who are out of touch. Like Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu. At last count, some 528 professionals, working in 140 Jewish American organizations, wrote anonymously an open letter to old Joe Biden asking him to enforce a ceasefire in Gaza. The leaked the letter to NBC, which could not afford to ignore this act of rebellion. Here we have a case of differing political views splitting the Jewish American communities openly and defiantly because they understand the harm the Gaza War is causing their faith. Now more associated with terrorism than ever before thanks to the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu and his ilk running Israel into the ground.

Why the anonymity? Because these young and brave Jewish souls are afraid of retaliation. From their own kind. Holly mackerel!

They are also afraid of the likes of Brett McGurk who is burning Gaza to the ground and with it all traces of a Palestinian identity.

Like we said, there are old, and there are those whose age and isolation render them out of touch with reality. They live in their own surreal and alternate world. Senile Joe and terrorist Benjamin live in this foggy tent whose anchors are terror, corruption, and immorality.

Honestly, compare between those who stormed the Capitol on January 6, and the Israeli soldiers butchering women and babies. Or those whom we threw in jail for breaking a glass, or those who drop napalms on innocent civilians and the same U.S. government, not only ignores their deeds, but also FedEx the napalms overnight. Who is worse?

They do not want to see Israel rise to become the mother of all monsters.


Joe Biden can no longer fool anyone with his pro-people, progressive, and liberal messages when he aligns himself with some of the worst terrorists in Israel. That does not cut it for the majority of Americans, and it is not cutting it for those professionals working in Jewish organizations who fear that Biden has lost all credibility. His inhumanity is touching the very people he is supposed to protect.

Joe Biden, we see your senility, and we are not voting for your immorality in 2024. Between Arab-Americans revolting against your presidency, and this new Gen. Z not sold on your deceptions and lies, you are going to feel their wrath on November 5, 2024. This letter proves once and for all how unpopular you have become.

Many observes of this war knew that Arabs, in the range of 400 millions souls, in addition to Muslims around the world numbering some 1.4 billion, all stand with the Palestinian people. But now they have come to learn that there are hundreds, if not tens of thousands who dare not speak, of decent Jewish Americans who refuse to become part of the slaughter of Joe and Bibi.

They are saying that if you both want to expand Israel at the expense of spilling innocent blood, that they do not wish to be part of that Frankenstein experiment. They do not want to see Israel rise to become the mother of all monsters.

How is that for a message to our senile President?

The blood of Gazans is going to spill long after the war is over to remind the world of how real terrorists behave when challenged.

Differing Political Views Split the American Jewish Community

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