Do Freezing Qualify Senators to Hold Office?

Do Freezing Qualify Senators to Hold Office?
Do Freezing Qualify Senators to Hold Office?

We have reached a political point in American history where the voting public must ask: Do freezing qualify Senators to hold office? Should the Parkinsonian disease disqualify them from dispensing their duties under the duress of an unforgiven illness? Or should we just ignore it as it becomes, just like Trumps’ lies, part of a normal landscape? How many times must Senator Mitch McConnell’s brain stiffens and stops reacting publicly before he realizes he has reached an age where he is unfit to hold office? Does he care if his constituents suffer the consequences of a sudden mental incapacity? Apparently, not.

McConnell had two Parkinsonian moments in the last two months, and judging from the nonchalant reaction of his staff, it looks like this might be a daily, or at least a weekly, occurrence. Maybe, the Senator wants to retire, but his top staffers are control freaks who are objecting to lose their supreme power. We will never know what’s at play behind the scenes of the office of one of the most influential Senators.


Mitch McConnell is not the only Senator fighting time and illness. On the other side of the aisle is none other than Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose colleagues believe she should resign, as she is missing important Senate votes because of her 89 years advanced age. Like McConnell, she probably wants to die in the Senate rather than yield to a younger and more vibrant generation of Senators who can serve better their constituents.

If one computes the average age of Representatives in Congress, it is the oldest Congress in 20 years. This is according to Chris Cillizza, who analyzed this 117th Congress in an eye-opening article. Mind you, some historians have dubbed this generation of baby boomers to be the greatest for their WWII sacrifices. OK, WWII aside, what’s so great about a generation that cannot yield to youthful energy to run the affairs of the country? Folks, today there are 21 senators whose ages fall between 70 and 80.

Forced retirement? You bet.

It’s just hard to watch Mitch McConnell suffer the indignity of dying slowly before our eyes. His incapacity to conduct business not only makes him look bad as a politician, but it also makes his family cringe with pain. Spare us Mitch. Go home and spend the rest of your days peacefully and among your loved ones.

If you fall severely ill in the Senate, your family will not forgive you your selfishness. Did you think of that? Just go home and spare us the discomfort, please.

Do Freezing Qualify Senators to Hold Office?

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