Do Not Jump to Conclusions About Qatar 2022

Do Not Jump to Conclusions About Qatar 2022
Do Not Jump to Conclusions About Qatar 2022

Do not jump to conclusions about Qatar 2022 where the World Cup will take place in three weeks under the shiny lights of very negative articles. The article and wrote for CNN entitled “Let’s call out the Qatar World Cup for what it really is” runs down a garden variety of complaints about Qatar, many of which are valid and appropriate. But for some of us whose cultural awareness spans both the United States and the Middle East, we must object to some of the complaints because they fall under the title “traditional values”.

With regard to labor treatment, we agree with Bennett and Vietor. It is truly appalling how badly Qataris treat other people serving in their countries as laborers under some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Unfortunately, in Qatar, human rights is both meaningless and trivial. Most Qataris practice modern day slavery.

For that, we say shame on Qatar.

Yes, Qatar may be hosting the World Cup to polish its image, but it may backfire as international media may use the occasion to highlight its human rights abuses against foreign labor. We hope so, just as the CNN article did.

Good Muslims treat people equally and fairly. Not in Qatar, though.


As for discussing how Qatar treats its LGBTQ community, let us not throw stones from the deck of a glass house. Here at home, in one of the supposed most civilized countries in the world, Christians, of Evangelical and Catholic stock, treat the same community with disdain and intolerance. Yes, they may not throw them in jail, but nonetheless, both religions disrespect the human rights of their own LGBTQ communities.

This is what we mean by “traditional values.” So, lodge your complaints with Islam and Christianity, not the countries that embrace these religious zealots claiming to represent god. Once again, do not jump to conclusions about Qatar 2022 except only when it comes to how it treats its expatriate labor; in addition to highlighting how it won the bid for the World Cup in the first place.

In terms of human rights violations, this is a combination of Qatari arrogance and corrupt leadership. The practice is fair game to hundreds of thousands of foreign workers in factories, corporate entities, as well as private homes where maids and drivers work 80 hours a week as slaves to their “owners”. So much so that it has become a “traditional value” in every rich Muslim country in the Gulf.

Good Muslims treat people equally and fairly. Not in Qatar, though.

Corruption runs deep in the blood of the Qatari leadership.


One question that has been on the mind of every soccer fan around the world is: How did Qatar become the host of the World Cup? This tiny country with extremely harsh climate cannot possibly welcome hundreds of thousands of fans to its tiny footprint one can cross by car in half an hour.

An issue that both and touched upon when they discussed the corruption Qatar and the FIFA leadership at the time engaged into to select Qatar as the host for the World Cup. It’s worse than you think, folks. Let’s put it this way, Qatar opened its purse, worth hundreds of billions, and unethical men in control of the process could not line up their pockets fast enough to give Qatar the nod.

As Reece Goodall wrote for The Boar in April 2020:

It has long been alleged that bribes were the reason that Qatar’s bid was successful – the US Department of Justice (DoJ) agreed with this assessment and, after a dramatic raid on a Zurich hotel near to FIFA’s headquarters in 2015, it announced that it was investigating the matter. Disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter eventually stood down in the scandal’s wake, banned from football in December of that year for breaches of FIFA’s ethics code. 42 people were indicted on corruption charges, 26 of whom plead guilty.The Boar by Reece Goodall - April 11, 202

Corruption runs deep in the blood of the Qatari leadership. Qatar should have never been awarded the privilege of hosting a global event of the most popular sport in the world.

Do Not Jump to Conclusions About Qatar 2022

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