Donald Trump Pulled Off the Swindle of the Century

Donald Trump Pulled Off the Swindle of the Century

Based on one big lie, during the period of eight weeks, Donald Trump pulled off the swindle of the century by raising $255.4 in donations the majority of which he can pocket and use to his heart’s desire. His father must be turning in his grave beaming with pride for the hoax his son Donald has been able to pull to deceive dumb and misinformed supporters. Deep down, I don’t feel sorry for these suckers. They got what they deserved when they followed a con man to his den of thievery.

One particular rich donor by the name of Fred Eshelman, who fell for Trump’s lies, gave $2.5 million to “stop the steal” and uncover the big fraud Trump sold his supporters. That donor wants his money back now. Good luck Trump giving it back, buddy. Only through a court order will you even have the hope to recover your money.

Honestly, anyone who gave Donald Trump money should ask him to return their donation now that they realized they have been the victim of a con.


Many people who gave Trump money based on a lie know his past. They know about Trump University, which also swindled thousands of people. But beyond the big swindles, Trump is also famous for much smaller, petty swindles that Jeff Spross detailed in his article: “A brief history of Trump’s small-time swindles“. Trump, whether a sitting President, a contractor, or a businessman remains the same thief the country knew him. So why would you give any money to a con man? You dumb imbecile idiot.

Here is another one for you. He sold you on the wall, yet he only built 15 new miles of it. Grant you, he reinforced the existing wall but only 15 new miles were built during his term. How is that for a Trump hoax!

If you think Trump is not already planning his next swindle then you need a family intervention. What he may have in store for you might be even bigger than his last swindle, and it is a question of time before comes at you like a raging bull. More than the 75m votes he harnessed during the last election, Trump needs to monetize his supporters with some schemes to pay for his lavish lifestyle. Think corrupt evangelical preachers preying on the weak and the helpless; except in this case, Trump donors are dumb and dumber.


What can Trump ask his supporters to give money to without him making an effort or spending money to concoct? Of course, Trump can announce he is running in 2024 to open new floodgates of donations, which may be restricted under the elections laws (Not for his own personal use). On the side, he can make money merchandising his brand.

But before Trump embarks on any new swindle, he needs to gauge the damage the Senate trial may have caused his brand. The pollsters are gauging the popularity of Trump in the aftermath of the trial, which may provide a hint soon.

My guess is that he will start by announcing he is running for office in 2024. Just to freeze whatever Mitch McConnell is doing to sideline him. From there, the sky is the limit. New slogans means new merchandise. New merchandise means new opportunity to brand his name although the high bar set in putting his name on luxury resorts will have to come down couple of notches.

I, personally, can see Trump selling cheap condoms or some sharp knife for his fellow backers who happen to also be avid hunters. Whatever it will be, you can count on one thing: Trump will get in the pockets of his dumb supporters to clean them out. Once again. .

Donald Trump Pulled Off the Swindle of the Century

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