Evidence Biden is a Racist and a Bigot

Evidence Biden is a Racist and a Bigot
Evidence Biden is a Racist and a Bigot

No sooner than Israel deliberately killed seven western aid workers, who worked for World Central Kitchen, that Joe Biden makes public remarks about how “outraged and heartbroken” he is for their deaths. When was the last time Biden mentioned, with such empathy, any of the Palestinian aid workers Israel has also deliberately killed as well? It took him months before he acknowledged the death of civilians in Gaza, which is evidence Biden is a racist and a bigot.

Why, you ask, he acknowledged the civilian deaths in Gaza? Because Arab-Americans demanded it, or else they told him he would lose Michigan in November.

It took threats to force him to show the same empathy.

If this is not clear evidence of his racism, then we don’t know what is. Biden only cares about his own, the rest is all window dressing to get secure their votes.

We imagine the same is true for black voters who think he is their friend when he was the one that fought for and supported the Crime Bill of 1994. That legislation, Democratic Bill Clinton signed into law, locked hundreds of thousands of black men in prisons for the most minor of offenses. It literally broke black families apart.

So, no. Joe Biden has always been a racist and a bigot. Just like Donald Trump has been, too.


Real empathy for other human beings does not distinguish between race, religious affiliations, gender, or geography. Only animals in the jungle do.

For Joe Biden to show none for the Palestinian people only shows how old he is, and how old are the rules that cultured his spirit. If you consider his lack of compassion for Gazans, Biden embraced Netanyahu because he was European, and not because he was a Jew or an Israeli. Had he been a Sephardi Jew, Biden would have dispatched a third ranked State Department official to Israel.

Furthermore, Israel killed over 170 Palestinian aid workers. Again, when was the last Time Joe Biden mentioned this little truth publicly? Or showed any form of compassion for their brave work?

It is obvious, given how quickly Biden showed empathy towards the work of western aid workers, and how little he showed towards other aid workers, that this is evidence Biden is a racist and a bigot; in addition to being a chauvinist and a prejudiced zealot.

Let that sink in when Americans go to the polls in November.

Evidence Biden is a Racist and a Bigot

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