Forcing Women to Bear Workers

Forcing Women to Bear Workers 2
Forcing Women to Bear Workers

The United States of America has yet to shed its exploitative mentality when it comes to its labor force. From the beginning, settlers built this country on the basis of a slave owner mentality, whose results we all see today in the form of a miraculous and powerful economy. The more people work, for no wages or little wages at $7.25 an hour, the richer the country gets. How to maintain that goal in the 21st century has been quite a challenge for the GOP. Forcing women to bear workers by banning abortions is part of a much larger strategy.

But let us start from the beginning in the form of two major statistics that are haunting the Republicans and some of the Democrats in this country.


The first statistic deals with a crashing birth rate, which will have an impact on the economic outlook of this country. Either we force women to have children by banning abortions, or we allow more migrants in the country to fill the void. We know, based on the Supreme Court recent ruling, where we are all heading.

Forcing Women to Bear Children
Chart: The Conversation, CC-BY-ND Source: Osterman et al, “Births: Final Data for 2020” National Vital Statistics Reports Feb. 7, 2022. Created with Datawrapper

The second statistic comes from the Census Bureau, which is predicting that by 2045 Caucasians in America will become a minority. All other races combined will surpass in numbers the white race in America.

This explains clearly the panic the elites are experiencing, knowing that opening our borders may help the economy by supplementing our labor force, but at a too steep a price to accept.

What is the solution to both problems? Forcing women to bear workers from the very base that exists today in order to reverse the birth rates declines, while limiting migration to mitigate the risks of losing power in the future.

Regardless, whether Americans can afford to have more babies.

Since costs of raising children are getting higher, couples, already burdened by their student loans, are waiting or having fewer children


The costs of raising children in the United States is spiraling out of control. Because of new inflationary pressures, the Brookings Institute has determined the cost to exceed $300,000 per child, which does not include the costs of higher education.

In its study, Brookings says:

Raising children has always been expensive. The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly made the prospect more daunting for many, with fluctuating food and housing prices and a tumultuous job market. As a result, many potential parents decided to wait. But as the pandemic recedes, inflation has emerged as a new cost concern for parents. At the same time, the failure of Build Back Better and the reversal of Roe v. Wade have left parents without needed support and made it harder for potential parents to make decisions about their futures.Brookings Institute

OK, let us do the deductive logic thing here.

The U.S. needs to maintain its economy growing while the white elites want to maintain their race demographic superiority, and since costs of raising children are getting higher, couples, already burdened by their student loans, are waiting or having fewer children. So what is the government response? Forcing women to bear workers instead of finding ways to unburden struggling Americans to increase birth rates naturally.

Meanwhile, migrants are blocked from entering the country to add to the U.S. worker base because demographically-speaking, it is a taboo for the whites in America.

Forcing Women to Bear Workers

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