Fox News Learned Nothing

Fox News Learned Nothing
Fox News Learned Nothing

Pavlov’s theory of learning determined, after studying dogs’ behavior, that the animals learned through association. If Pavlov dogs learned through association, Fox News learned nothing, as it fails to associate that its behavior led to the $787 millions settlement with Dominion Voting Systems because of the lies they spread. How do we know that? They keep spreading more lies again. Recently, they fabricated a story, which led to the Pentagon chastising the network publicly on

In response, Fox News suddenly deleted the whole story and finally issued an apology to the family of U.S. Marine Sgt. Nicole L. Ge. But not before it caused emotional damage to the family of the fallen Gold Star hero. Say hello to a new lawsuit, Fox News.

If dogs can learn through conditioning, it seems that Fox News is immune to that same learning process by associating its lies to the painful financial settlements it will keep paying. It seems that the rabid network couldn’t care less about subjecting itself to new lawsuits, as long as it maintains its high standards of fabricating stories.

Fox News is undermining our democracy every day because of its divisive propaganda.


What does it say when dogs can learn faster than humans? In the case of Fox News’ latest falsehood, it tells us that ideology trumps logic. The need to spread lies to attract more eyeballs is more important to Fox than real news, and no amount of conditioning is going to change the culture of Fox anytime soon.

Grant you, some may argue that the deletion of the story and the apology may prove otherwise. Not so fast. To fabricate and publish a story the Pentagon kept for months telling Fox it’s untrue, proves otherwise. A news organization that lies to its viewers and readers should not be granted a license to operate as such, and the U.S. Government should shut it down.

Fox News is undermining our democracy every day because of its divisive propaganda. Meanwhile, Congress is silent about Fox trespasses, and the Executive Office is disinterested in holding Fox accountable for its lies. All that is left for the Murdoch family are a series of civil claims, which it might finally associate with financial pain like Pavlov dogs associated owners’ footsteps with food.

Hopefully, with enough cases, Fox might finally close shop. Because today, it is obvious that Fox News learned nothing from the Dominion case.

Fox News Learned Nothing

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