Fund Police Brutality But Defund the FBI

Fund Police Brutality But Defund the FBI

After the George Floyd deliberate murder at the hands of a White Supremacist police officer, some organizations, like Black Lives Matter, started calling for financial control of police departments by defunding certain aspects of their activities, such as acquiring weapons of war to control civilians. This did not sit well with the GOP, and honestly, also with the Democrats to include President Joe Biden because the label did not communicate its narrow purpose. Now, in the aftermath of the FBI searching Trump’s home for stolen top secret documents, the very people who never object to police brutality against black Americans are now calling to defund the FBI. In other words, the GOP wants to fund police brutality against black citizens but defund the FBI when it goes after White Supremacists committing crimes.

As we said it before, there are two kind of citizens in this country. Those who must abide by the rules and the law, and those who think they are above both. A great many Republicans in Congress believe defunding the FBI is a great idea.

One cannot possible miss the hypocrisy at this juncture of our times. This is what white unapologetic privilege looks like by a bunch of ignorant and uneducated people. It’s the apartheid system this country never talks about.

Let us stop confusing Americans with calls to fund police brutality while calling to defund the FBI when it comes after your lawless asses.


Albert Einstein is quoted as saying:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.Albert Einstein

When Representatives Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene call to defund the FBI or the Justice Department, they are, in fact, calling for lawlessness. Trying to explain this small fact to these two worldly, sophisticated women would be an offense to Einstein. Between both, their IQ would probably not exceed the score of a high school basketball game.

Since Greene is a personae non grata in Congress, may we suggest that Boebert specifically propose a new Bill? And may we dare to suggest an appropriate title like “The White Supremacist Get Out of Jail Card Act of 2022“? Because defunding the FBI when it comes after White Supremacists sounds to us like some in the White Anglo-Saxons Protestant community believe they should be above the law. Period.

They still cannot get over the idea that the country has voted for a Catholic President.

Why not turn their wishful thinking into a law, then? What do you say Lauren and Marjorie? Why not just come out in the open rather than split hairs every time one of your cohorts breaks the law? Make it clear in your Bill that the law applies to everyone in America except the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants who commit crimes.

Also, you might want to add a paragraph that Catholics and Jews need not run for high office.

Let us stop confusing Americans with calls to fund police brutality while calling to defund the FBI when it comes after your lawless asses. Just codify permanently your rights to commit crimes into our laws.

Fund Police Brutality But Defund the FBI

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