Gaza War Impact on Arab Countries and People

Gaza War Impact on Arab Countries and People
Gaza War Impact on Arab Countries and People. David Ake/AFP/Getty Images

The world is watching today the limitations to excessive and violent policies as expressed by the Hamas terror. But, also, as much by Israel ignoring the plight of the Palestinians in favor of enabling Israeli extremist settlers to occupy their lands for more settlements. Yes, it might serve the interests of a small ultra-religious Jewish community, but in the larger scheme of things, these policies have driven Israel and the Arabs towards more conflict and today’s surreal war of death and destruction. The Gaza war impact will be felt for generations to come, and judging from the response of Arab leaders and their people in general, Israel may not find herself safer tomorrow than yesterday.

Nobody’s interests are served when the common Arab man celebrates the Hamas attack. Not only is it a sign of deep fissures that may never glue any future peace together, but Israel may find herself under attack over and over again. In a constant state of war that may never bring real peace to the region. Ever again. Not a very promising thought as we consider the Gaza war impact on the region.

There are no winners when fanatic extremists prevail. Only losers. For evidence, look no further than to the turmoil America is experiencing today n Congress when extremists grab the helm of leadership. The same is happening in Israel, but on a such tragic scale that defies our humanity.

This war is a sign that we must pursue a two-state solution with perseverance and determination.


Israeli extremists in the government and the Knesset are refusing the premise of a two-state solution because, as they claim,, it is impossible to make peace with the Arabs. This is their excuse.

Considering where we are today, it is safe to say that their fear of committing to established borders, and an agreement under the international law, may be far safer than their aggressive land grabbing policies. Ignoring the plight of the Palestinians brought upon Israel this war, and the only way to reverse that trend is to strike peace with the people of Palestine.

Just as Israel struck peace with Egypt and Jordan, which successfully averted any wars between the three nations, real peace with the Palestinians might prove to be as successful. In spite of Hamas, which boasts Cairo to be the birthplace of its ideology.

Just as violence begets more violence, so does fanatic militancy beget more fanatic militancy. Hopefully, after the dust settles from this war, the majority of Israelis would realize that electing moderate leaders who will pursue peace incessantly, might be the best way to live in harmony in the future.

If Israel keeps kowtowing to the narrow interests of the small groups of fanatic settlers, it may never find the real peace many Israelis would be praying for after this war is over. The world must direct all its energies to a peace based on a two-state solution.

Otherwise, even if Israel destroys Hamas, another organization would rise to replace it, and Iran will be there to help it with weapons and tactics for more terror.

This war is a sure sign that we must pursue a two-state solution with perseverance and determination.

Gaza War Impact on Arab Countries and People

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