How Does Sheldon Adelson Feel About Camp Auschwitz?

How Does Sheldon Adelson Feel About the Camp Auschwitz

Buried in the mob that stormed the Capitol were many antisemitic Trump supporters who displayed their Nazi paraphernalia on their clothing in full view of cameras and their peers. How does Sheldon Adelson feel about the Camp Auschwitz sweat shirt he indirectly funded by financing President Donald Trump campaign? He is the gaming billionaire who committed tens of millions of dollars to the Trump Presidential campaign.

Trump fooled Adelson. At the same time he was moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, he was also empowering Nazis and White Supremacists in America and possibly globally. How is that for an investment, Mr. Adelson? American Nazis are out and roaming our streets with their venom and you, indirectly, made it happen.


Let us look into the details of the support of Mr. Adelson.

According to, Adelson and his wife gave a record $218.3 to different GOP candidates and the Trump campaign. OpenSecrets writes:

The super-spenders are friends of President Donald Trump, who gave Miriam Adelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2018 and earlier this year appointed Sheldon Adelson to a council of business leaders who advise him on reopening the country. In 2016, they were Trump’s top two benefactors, excluding the candidate himself. They also chipped in $5 million toward Trump’s inauguration.<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="" target="_blank"> - October 21, 2020</a></span>

It’s not just about the right of the Adelson couple to fund a Presidential campaign. It is really about how Donald Trump fooled them into funding him while he kowtowed to Nazis. He let these miscreants out of the woods because of his racism and bigotry. And Adelson must take responsibility for helping that effort.

There are no excuses Adelson can use to justify funding Trump. Not even for Trump to turn a blind eye to Israel annexing the West Bank.

The White Supremacists in America are threatening its democracy because of the shortsightedness of many who funded and empowered Donald Trump. To say they did not see it coming is one of the strongest arguments Americans can use to take another jab at reforming the system.

Author’s Note: Hours after publishing this Blog, it was announced that Sheldon Adelson passed away. We hope his wife would cut all ties to any GOP legislator who refused to accept the election results of 2020.

How Does Sheldon Adelson Feel About Camp Auschwitz?

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