How Horribly Dumb is Donald Trump?

How horribly dumb is Donald Trump? A fair question to ask considering the phone call he made to a Wisconsinite Assembly Speaker. Well, how dumb is he? He is so dumb that he tried to overturn the elections in Wisconsin just because its Supreme Court ruled against the use of most of the ballot drop boxes. After the fact. In early July, folks. That’s 21 months after he lost the elections. That’s how dumb he is. Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who received his call, tried to explain the ruling as a going forward concern. Trump could not understand why Wisconsin did not apply the new laws backwards in time.

In other words, Trump wanted to discount the 2020 votes tallied by the ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin in 2022.

Even with Trump six feet under, our democracy has been horribly damaged by this man’s sick mind.


Some have told the President to get a life. But to many observers, Trump, being the ultimate con man, saw an opportunity to extend his grift by raising more money from his unsuspected and dwindling-in-numbers supporters. If only he could claim Wisconsin was his, he could probably raise more millions from his ignorant supporters. That’s how desperate he has become.

Why do we believe he is dumb? Because he trusted he could use the new law to claim he might have won the elections 21 months ago. For Trump to think this is a viable fraud fully tells us how dumb he truly is.

American democracy will always be in danger as long as Donald Trump remains alive. Either directly, or indirectly, by lending his support to elections deniers. Who is to say that this fraud might become a permanent fixture in American politics where every election a White Anglo-Saxon Supremacist loses needs to be overturned?

Even with Trump six feet under, our democracy has been horribly damaged by this man’s sick mind. I guess this is how you make America great again. By breaking the country apart and leaving behind a legacy of fascism, lies, and few swindles.

It’s either the White Anglo-Saxon Supremacists win, or our country dies a slow death. These are the choices before the American people Trump has fostered through deceptions and the Big Lie.

How Horribly Dumb is Donald Trump?

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