How Joe Biden Screwed His Own Agenda

How Joe Biden Screwed His Own Agenda

It’s not often the United States gets a U.S. President whose full of himself and his ability to make deals. But that’s exactly who Joe Biden is. He convinced the Democrats in the House to separate the Infrastructure Bill from the Better Build Back Bill by claiming he is very capable of negotiating a deal with the two Senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who are intent on destroying his agenda. This morning, Joe Manchin appeared on Fox News  — no less — to repudiate the President by killing his signature Build Better Back. This is how Joe Biden screwed his own agenda. He believed so much he can control the two renegade Senators that he ended up with eggs on his face. And the American people got screwed royally along the way.

Had Biden listened to the Progressive Democrats in the House who wanted to pass both Bills simultaneously, he would have managed to pass them both. Instead now, the President looks like an incompetent politician who really does not know what he is doing.

Maybe Joe Biden needs to read the book “Master of the Senate“, which describes how Lyndon Johnson controlled every son of a bitch with raw strength and power. Instead, someone will be writing a book about Biden, which might as well be titled “Slave of the Senate”.

Joe Biden self-proclaimed mastery of the art of the deal making crashed and burned by a Senator whose West Virginian votes totaled 112,658.


This is the honest truth. Americans like their Presidents to have a strong character and to assert themselves with conviction and without flinching. In Joe Biden, they got a bad deal maker who cannot control two third-rate Senators in his own party. How is it possible not to pass the Bills you want when you control all three venues of power? Truly remarkable.

While the buck always stops at the Oval Office, it is notable to mention that had Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff, been more competent, he would not have allowed the President to fall into his own little traps. So, I blame Klain for his bad advice as well.

Worst than a weak President is one who does not know how to use his powers. Biden has been a Senator for so long, he is finding it hard to wear the White House crown. His self-proclaimed mastery of the art of the deal making crashed and burned by a Senator whose West Virginian votes totaled 112,658.

112,658 votes are dictating to the 81,283,361 who voted for Biden.

What’s next? The extremely important voting rights, which if not addressed properly, will be paving the way for a second insurrection.

Why do I have this uneasy feeling that this President is going to screw that one too? It’s hard to imagine Joe Biden recovering from this loss.

For the sake of our democracy, let’s hope not.

How Joe Biden Screwed His Own Agenda

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