How Many Times Trump Has to Lose?

How Many Times Trump Has to Lose
How Many Times Trump Has to Lose. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

We have one question for all the MAGA fanatics, the free ones, those about to go to prison, and those who are already there. How many times Trump has to lose before realizing you are backing a dud and a clinker? He lost the elections in 2020. He lost again when the red wave did not materialize in 2022, and today he adds to his losses when a Republican-majority Congress challenged his authority by refusing to shut down the government.

And if he wins the nomination in 2024, he is going to lose again. Big time. Did you see how Taylor Swift managed, in a 24-hour period, to register over 35k of her fans to vote? It is now up to 135k new young voters most likely to refute the ugliness of the MAGA world.

Expect other liberal celebrities, in 2024, to use their power of influence to drive Trump out of our lives.

Sayonara Mr. Loser.

All we are saying here is that the MAGA world is about to die.


We do not know which world the MAGA extremists, like the nincompoops of the Freedom Caucus, live in. It’s a surreal world where hallucinating dead-on-arrival ideas and concepts turn into the biggest clown show in town. They all knew that a shutdown would harm the GOP, yet, they were still bulldozing everyone towards the abyss.

It’s a mixture of idiocy and blind fanaticism. And when their cult leader is not known for his bright mind, you have that powder keg in Congress willing to blow up things just to impose their radical ideology on the rest of the country. Hello, Dobbs vs. Jackson.

Not that we do not want to see more fiscal responsibility. Au contraire.

But, folks, the same guy who blew away $7.8 trillions in four years is now claiming the title of financial judiciousness. Are you kidding with us? It’s plain idiocy, if you ask us. Trump only wanted to shut down the government to alter the course of his indictments on 91 counts, and not because he cares about the rise of our debt. He caused it, for crying out loud.

All we are saying here is that the MAGA world is about to die. When Trump loses in 2024, while campaigning from his jail cell, he will be finished, and only fools and losers would follow him to his wasted land of dashed hopes.

How many times Trump has to lose? To many, it matters little. His survival is their survival, regardless of the harm he is causing them.

How Many Times Trump Has to Lose?

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