How the Media Covers For DNC Blunders

How the Media Covers For DNC Blunders
The headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is seen in Washington, DC, August 22, 2018. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP). Photo credit SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Now that we have come to learn about the fraud and con man George Santos, some major media outlets, like CNN, are blaming the local media in New York for their lack of oversight when in fact the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is equally if not more to blame. How the media covers for DNC blunders is by literally pointing the blame somewhere else even if that means targeting one of their own.

Yes, the media should have caught Santos but given the DNC’s responsibility in electing democratic candidates, had it committed more dollars and more resources to that race in New York, it would have been the one to sound the alarm for the national media to pick up the story prior to electing Santos to Congress.

Blaming a weakened local media the Internet began killing slowly at the turn of the century is almost immoral. The DNC should pick that slack with its own staff and resources. But instead, the DNC is most likely whispering “local media” to skirt its own responsibilities, which is leading many professional reporters to repeat the DNC’s spin.


In terms of newspapers, Long Island boasts two. Newdsay, which partially covers the island and the Long Island Press (LIP) fully dedicated to the two-counties land mass connected to the five New York Burroughs.

In its digital archive of October 2022, LIP had a two-page voter’s guide about the Congressional candidates running for office and representing both Suffolk and Nassau counties. Its short synopsis describing George Santos did not mention anything damning about his fraud. It just borrowed and printed what the campaign of Santos provided the newspaper.

Unfortunately, one of the first jobs to suffer the financial distress of a newspaper are the investigative reporters. Their budget and time consuming efforts tend to bleed advertising money, and unless you have a steady and reliable revenue stream, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, local newspapers do not have the resources to investigate local politicians.

So, the question is: How did the DNC miss George Santos? Did the Democratic strategists deemed the 3rd district as highly unlikely to turn thus rendering Robert Zimmerman, the Democrat, unwinnable? Had the DNC allocated some resources to uncover the deceptive practices of George Santos, Zimmerman might have won handily.

Blaming the local newspapers does not represent the full story when the DNC had a duty to support all the Democratic candidates.

How the Media Covers For DNC Blunders

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