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How to Write a Proposal To Win Federal Contracts?

Have you ever Googled the sentence “How to Write a Proposal” only to see a myriad of options pop-up? Pages and pages on Google of all kinds of companies, consultants, and websites to claim they can assist you? It should not come as a surprise for those of us who sell a product or a service to the Federal Government; or are part of a growing cottage industry that helps other companies sell.

And that’s half the story.

Try and interpret these acronyms if you can: SEAPORT-E, E-FAST, GWAC II, OASIS OnRamp Pools 1, 2, 3, and 4, and so on and so forth. Novices struggle initially, and only time can bridge your desire to learn with the task of learning.

You get the picture. Selling to the Federal Government is a complex business that requires patience, knowledge, and most importantly to learn how to write a proposal to meet the requirements of one solicitation or the other.

Our Government loves to make us sweat. For a good and a reasonable purpose though. If you don’t know how to write a proposal, how could you, then, supply services to the Government on a scale that is much more complex? Big business have their own in-house proposal writers. Small businesses have less expensive choices. The smartest of which outsource their proposal writing duties to companies like ProposalHelper whose experience exceeds 4,000 proposals written and submitted.


Some companies outsource to an individual proposal manager who charges by the hour. It would take a 1,000 pages to write about the horror stories many companies experienced trusting their proposal writing services to a consultant. From runaway costs to writing non-compliant proposals that get rejected almost immediately for missing one section or the other.

You see, government acquisition employees scoring your submission are often swamped with proposals. They will find that minuscule non-compliant issue to reject it faster than you can blink. Literally. It is such a relief to them when they see their workload now dwindle to a handful of well-written and compelling proposals.

Having said that, many consultant proposal writers are good. Really good. In our case, when we find a really good consultant proposal writer, we hire them as full-time employees. Companies hire the good ones permanently. Those who wish to remain independents, and have good networking skills, are adroitly able to guarantee a workload for the next ten years. The so-so consultants are nomadic. The chances of hiring a nomad are exponentially higher than hiring a good proposal manager.

It is difficult to write a proposal. But because of companies like ProposalHelper, the task is made much easier. The responsibility of performance now falls on our shoulder as we write, with your collective cooperation, your next contract-in-waiting.

How to Write a Proposal To Win Federal Contracts?

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