Is Merrick Garland Protecting the Fuhrer Trump?

Is Merrick Garland Protecting the Fuhrer Trump
Is Merrick Garland Protecting the Fuhrer Trump?

It is impossible to overlook the number of times the former President broke so many laws without thinking why is he not indicted for any of them yet? Any other American citizen with his record of criminal behavior would have long ago been thrown in prison. Because of this travesty of justice, it is impossible not to think: Is Merrick Garland protecting the Fuhrer Trump? Where is the accountability?

Trump’s latest crime has forced the National Archives to ask the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Trump’s abuse of the Presidential Records Act. How many more crimes before Merrick Garland says enough is enough? From the outside, it looks like Garland is making sure Donald Trump stays above the law.

If, by chance, Garland eventually indicts the Fuhrer Trump, I will gladly eat my words. But for now, I am pouring it on Garland for his impertinent silence. Especially, in the face of so many crimes Trump has committed, and keeps committing.

In effect, Garland is letting Trump and his followers set the agenda of the DOJ.


Evan Perez of CNN, who covered the National Archives DOJ request to investigate Trump, writes:

It is not clear if the Justice Department will launch a formal investigation, as a vast majority of referrals to the department do not end up sparking a formal investigation. CNN by Evan Perez - February 9, 2022

Garland’s reluctance to announce an investigation is disturbing. We know from prior speeches that he wants to de-politicize the department. But how can such a wish be realistic when it involves the political crimes of Donald Trump? How is that possible when Trump commits so many crimes while in political office? It’s just impossible. No matter how careful Garland might be, Trump’s supporters will always say that “it’s political”.

In effect, Garland is letting Trump and his followers set the agenda of the DOJ. And this is why, I am of the belief that Merrick Garland may be protecting the Fuhrer Trump. Investigating the crimes of a former president politicizes everything surrounding that investigation. It’s inevitable.

Or, maybe Garland is working on indicting Trump but he is not ready yet to announce it, which explains his silence.

We hope this is so because Garland will assure himself the title of the worst AG in America’s history if he lets Trump off the hook to come back, just as Hitler did, to destroy our country.

It’s not just about the criminality of Donald Trump, it is also about the incompetency of Merrick Garland.


Let us count the crimes, both civil and Federal, that Trump has committed. Just for the sake of our own justified acrimony with Merrick Garland. How many more crimes must Trump perpetrate before Garland reacts by calling for a Grand Jury is anyone’s guess. This is why the question of whether Merrick Garland is protecting the Fuhrer seems so plausible.

  1. Attempt to overturn the elections: Just imagine if Trump succeeded to grasp the danger this man presents to the republic. He knew he lost, but he still wanted the presidency.
  2. Inciting a riot against the Capitol: In 1865, Trump would have been hanged in a matter of weeks. Yet, the man remains free thanks to Merrick Garland.
  3. The plot to put forward fake electors: It takes a Fuhrer to think of this one. If this is not illegal, maybe robbing banks should not be illegal also.
  4. Stealing and destroying official documents: Could some of them explain his love fest for Putin? Or maybe that Trump is a Russian agent? Destroying documents is the act of a deep undercover spy.
  5. Running the Trump Organization like a Mafia boss: What is the value of Trump Tower? Depends if Trump is borrowing money or estimating his self-worth to fill a sick ego.
  6. Raping women and paying off porn actors: This sums up who Donald Trump is. Immoral, unethical, a con artist, and a charlatan.
  7. Swindling his niece Mary Trump: It’s not enough for him to swindle Deutsche Bank, but he also swindled his own flesh and blood. It’s a good thing he did not award himself the Medal of Honor.

I just hope the above refreshes Garland’s memory about how many crimes Trump has perpetrated so far; and we still don’t know the full story.

It’s not just about the criminality of Donald Trump, it is also about the incompetency of Merrick Garland.

So far, at least.

Is Merrick Garland Protecting The Fuhrer Trump?

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