Israel Should Read The Writing on the Wall

Israel Should Read The Writing on the Wall
Israel Should Read The Writing on the Wall

Today, President Biden stands behind Israel 100%. But what if a new President, say like Donald Trump, who could not care less about anyone but himself, decides that Israel will not get his support or assistance if another war breaks out? Israel should read the writing on the wall for a possible future U.S. foreign policy change and adjustments and the rapprochement Iran is having with Saudi Arabia in the Riyadh Emergency Summit. All united because of Netanyahu refusing to stop bombing hospitals and schools in Gaza.

Hello? Is any of the Israeli leaders home? The universal hate for Israeli action has its price. Remember South Africa?

And if you think Trump is incapable of abandoning Israel should he become President again, then you must be living in a cave. Wake up Israel. What Netanyahu and his gang of extremists is doing to the Palestinians today will come back to haunt us all.

Fifty-seven world leaders, meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, were unanimous in their condemnation of Israeli aggression. This will have immense implications, even if the leaders are all Muslims, which will first impact U.S. foreign policy. The U.S., thanks to Biden’s naïveté and lack of understanding, will be the first one to pay a heavy price.

Honestly, Antony Blinken should resign if he has rendered that advice to the President. It shows how out of touch both men are when it comes to U.S. interests.

That game changer will not only abet antisemitism, but it will also welcome Israel in the world community.


Both Biden and Netanyahu remain clueless about the global impact of what Israel is doing to civilians in Gaza. Hey, Biden, you should have listened to the experts you silenced at the State Department who objected to Israel killing civilians; in addition to judiciously and wisely recommending criticizing Israel if warranted.

After all, it’s not antisemitic to criticize Israeli policies. You could have done it, and you still could do it today, Mr. President.

Whose fault Israel is not reading the writing on the wall? Besides the idiocy of Netanyahu who is on a revenge power trip to punish the Palestinians for taking the thunder out of his legacy. We say, it’s Biden’s fault too. The President is not doing Israel a favor by ignoring the atrocities it is committing against civilians, even if the Israeli public, after going through grief, is now angry and demanding retribution.

Israelis will eventually calm down and realize that their retribution, in the form of killing Palestinian children, was a crucial blunder. It would be too late by then. Unless, the same public votes for an Israeli government that will seek peace with the Palestinians and dismantle the settlers from the West Bank. That game changer will not only abet antisemitism, but it will also welcome Israel in the fold of the world community. Instead of the intentional segregation, it is going to experience.

It will also, we might add, isolate all those who seek to throw the Jews into the sea. Unlike now, where that extremist group of leaders—Iran—is consorting with all the Muslim countries around the globe and agreeing in principles on all the things that are contrary to the interests of Israel.

Knock, knock Israel. Is anyone home?

Israel Should Read The Writing on the Wall

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