Israelis Prefer Biden to Trump

Israelis Prefer Biden to Trump
Israelis Prefer Biden to Trump

There is a good reason, for those who stand against the mass murder of civilians anywhere by anyone, to vote for Donald Trump in 2024 instead of Joe Biden. Apparently, Israelis prefer Biden to Trump by a margin of 14%, which is a good reason to stand clear of Biden in 2024. If the President has facilitated the murder of over 20,000 Palestinians in 2023, who knows what he might do to help Israel further for the next four years in office.

He could possibly help Israel ethnically cleanse all 5 million Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank. He has already demonstrated that lack of good judgement. Such would cause a catastrophe that only the likes of Biden would not care where it might lead the U.S. standings with the rest of the world.

Because of Biden, America, today, is more isolated than Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. How is that for a barometer of popularity and influence, thanks to Biden’s lack of good judgement as our commander-in-chief?

If Israelis prefer Biden to Trump, then the American voters, who oppose Israeli terror, better keep their distance from him. Not, as we said it many times before, that Trump is better. But many voters would rather prefer a President in the White House whose hands are not dripping with the blood of innocent women and children.

It cannot get worse than what happened under Joe Biden, who seems as Islamophobic, if not more [than Trump], but better at hiding it.


Luckily, with the exception to Israelis with dual citizenship, Israelis cannot vote for Biden. However, the up to 800,000 Israelis with a U.S. citizenship can. Assuming 500,000 are eligible to vote, most of them living in New York, a blue State, their influence on the outcome of the elections is truly limited. College-electoral wise.

Unlike the Arab Americans and Muslim Americans spread across many of the swing states. That group of people has already vowed to abandon Joe Biden in 2024. Most likely, many would simply stay home. However, we believe the majority are going to vote for Trump. Possibly for spitefulness, but more likely because Trump has a built-in streak of anti-Zionism in him. He simply hates Jews, which might sit well with many Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans. Even if that means he is an Islamophobic too. It cannot get worse than what happened under Joe Biden, who seems as Islamophobic, if not more, but better at hiding it.

That is the logic most voters abhorring what Biden has done to Gaza would be comfortable thrusting into the 2024 elections.

A potent social media campaign by Generation Z and Muslim-Americans will have far more


Biden can, if he chooses to, withhold from delivering weapons to Israel if he really wanted the genocidal Netanyahu, Gallant, and Gantz to halt their deliberate mass murder of Palestinian civilians. But he selects not to, which makes him complicit in the genocide against Gaza. This is not a question for debate. Like we said before, Biden is the chef in the kitchen, and Benjamin Natnayahu, Yoav Gallant, and Benny Gantz are the waiters delivering Biden’s masterpieces of terror.

Anyone who believes Biden lamenting his impotence against Netanyahu and indirectly blaming Israel for the atrocities is as a big a fool as he is. Biden is 100% behind what is happening in Gaza. Heart and soul, regardless of what atrocities Israel is committing. Just ignore him when he says he is pressuring Israel to mind the civilians. He is not. He is as big a liar as Donald Trump.

Here at Punditry, we are done with Joe Biden. We cannot, in all conscious and morally-speaking, vote for a man who has been facilitating the mass murder of civilian women and children for over two months non-stop. From the looks of it, nothing seems to stir this man from his inhumane tendencies. Maybe Trump, when he wins the nomination, might not point to his crimes against humanity on the campaign trail, but Biden’s many abandoned voters will on social media.

It is going to be relentless to the point where no future campaign manager wants to compete against. No matter how much money that Biden spends on campaign ads. In other words, a potent social media campaign by Generation Z and Muslim-Americans will have far more influence than TV ads.

Mark our words.

Israelis Prefer Biden to Trump

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