It Took a Chinese Spy Balloon

It took a spy Chinese balloon to demonstrate to the world how wimpy and weak President Joe Biden has been when it comes to offending our enemies. That’s the honest truth. The balloon that the Pentagon spotted hovering over sensitive military installations remain active and moving towards the East coast of the United States. Folks, don’t buy into the Biden Administration claiming that blowing the balloon might have some impact on lives on the ground. In Montana, 7.4 people live in a square mile. Give us a break fellows. Stop covering for Biden’s unresponsiveness to a clear danger to national security.

Nothing this administration might say would convince millions of us just how much fear is gripping our commander-in-chief, which is preventing him from acting in our best national interests. What we see is the apogee of his indecisiveness as he mulls over what to do about a balloon, which we still don’t know the damage it is causing to our national security as it remains active spying on us.

China is playing a more audacious cat and mouse game in response to the US playing the same in the South China Sea.


It is possible though that the Pentagon and the NSA are both attempting to collect as much information on the balloon as possible in order to fully understand the technology it is carrying. If, as the Biden Administration claimed, the Chinese can collect similar information from their low-orbit satellites, the question we must ask then is why send a balloon to hover over our skies in clear violation of international law?

We must understand the “What” and the “How” of this disturbing equation.

If so, this might explain why the balloon is moving eastward. To possibly prevent the U.S. blowing it up over much more densely populated areas. If and when Joe Biden makes up his mind, which could take weeks.

China is playing a more audacious cat and mouse game in response to the US playing the same in the South China Sea. In the form of a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance jet the U.S. flew in late December 2022 near their borders. You know, the usual tit for tat games the world witnessed during the Cold War with Russia.

However, the Chinese boldness to actually overrun the U.S. airspace to spy directly on U.S. assets shows just how little they think of Joe Biden and his response to their daring maneuver. Beijing knows he will contemplate endlessly a response long enough for them to clear the U.S. skies after collecting information that we still don’t know how sensitive is the technology behind it.

It took a Chinese spy balloon to summarize Joe Biden in one sentence. One spy balloon to strip the emperor naked.

It Took a Chinese Spy Balloon

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