It’s the Mother of All Homework

It's the Mother of All Homework
It’s the Mother of All Homework. Cooper Neill/Getty Images

If you have not read the Dave Zirin article, an MSNBC Opinion related to the MAGA world meltdown over the Swift-Kelce relationship, drop everything and head there right now. It’s the mother of all homework as far as your reading assignment. The article is a balancing act between fascists wearing Florsheim, and a new “woke” phoenix rising in the Swift-Kelce pop-culture that freezes the Gaetz-McCarthy feud out of its existence.

Read it and weep, or read it and smile. Depending on whom you voted for in 2020. But read it, you must. It’s a homework that can get you an “A” just for reading it.


We are not saying earth would fall off its axis if you don’t, but if you passionately hate Trump and his army of idiots, you will feel good about the 2024 presidential elections’ outcome. Especially with Taylor Swift followers on Instagram numbering close to 300 millions, and similar numbers on TikTok. Her influence is off the chart should she enter the political arena of influence late in the game. That entrance has the word “Democrats” written all over it.

Not convinced yet? According to Forbes, more than half the U.S. adult population claim they are fans of Taylor Swift. Can we now say: Welcome back to the White House, President Biden?

Zirin effectively lays the concerns of the alt-right pundits, who are already screaming bloody hell because of Taylor Swift’s oversized influence. One that will drive the younger generations to vote.

According to Pew Research, the 2020 voter turnout beat a 100-year-old record in terms of percentage. Nearly two-thirds of eligible voters acted in 2020 numbering 158.4 millions. This only means some 60 million voters never bothered to cast a vote. And if Swift reaches a small percentage of the 60 million, it could only help defeat the MAGA movement once and for all.

We don’t know about you, but we are beginning to like Biden’s chances.

Anyway, read the article. It’s the mother of all homework.

It’s the Mother of All Homework

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