Joe Biden Has Lost His Mind

Joe Biden Has Lost His Mind
Joe Biden Has Lost His Mind

As the world watches a bunch of terrorists in Israel pummel innocent civilians, with help from an octogenarian President, many must be thinking Joe Biden has lost his mind. We are starting to believe the same. Many have discounted all those Republican lawmakers who drew our attention to his senility now stand vindicated. No sane U.S. President would help in killing civilians so openly and so viciously as he leads the land of the free and home of the brave. Without any remorse.

Those who discounted the impact of Biden’s age on the presidency must rethink their positions again. It is one thing to help Israel defend itself from terrorism, but it is quite another to help Israel become a terrorist state with the support of a nation that calls, incessantly, for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

A footnote to that label should indicate that human rights only apply selectively.


What Biden cannot possibly predict, again because he has lost his mind, is the impact of the Gaza war on the U.S. credibility worldwide. Who is going to listen to our future Secretaries of State when they propose diplomacy instead of war? Who is going to accept the hypocrisy of the U.S. as it promotes its democracy and freedom agenda in the shadows of its support for exterminating the Palestinian people? The Gaza war has decimated the soul of this country.

Meanwhile, in the White House, behind the scenes, Biden is pressing Israel to finish its war as soon as possible to control the damage. What does Israel do? It kills more civilians in one day on December 2 than on any other since the beginning of its war on Gaza. That number, according to the Ministry of Health of Gaza, reached 700. Mostly women and children. In one day, folks.

The New York Post called it “hell on earth”.

Thank you, Joe Biden. Kiss your presidency goodbye come November 2024. Trump may have banned Muslims, but he did not kill them. Trump may have moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, but he did not order Israel to butcher women and children.

We truly believe Joe Biden has lost his mind. The man’s moral compass is spinning out of control. He cannot see the damage he is causing the United States, and Israel could not care any less what happens to our strategic interests around the world. As long as Netanyahu, and his circle of criminals, keep massacring Palestinian women and children.

Let’s go Brandon.

Joe Biden Has Lost His Mind

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