NATO War Against Putin Achieves the Greater Good

NATO War Against Putin Achieves the Greater Good

Pacifists and appeasers tend not to admit that sometimes wars are necessary. Of late, the “no wars” slogan seems to apply against the savage conduct of Vladimir Putin when, in fact, for the US and Europe to respond to his savagery is the only security guarantee we must be aiming for. Therefore, a NATO war against Putin is a necessity. It achieves the greater good by halting his repeated tendencies to ravage another country in the name of unity of the old U.S.S.R. Because of today’s circumstances, the dictum “the end justifies the means” applies fully to what is going on in Ukraine. We must stop Putin once and for all. Today. Without any hesitation.

Unfortunately, the men in power whose positions permit the world community to take such action are ill-inclined to adopt any strategy that would exasperate the presence even though the near and far futures look deadlier and bleaker than today’s tragedy. They refuse to project the deep future costs at the expense of today’s benefits because the focus is entirely on peaceful resolutions when they should be about finding a permanent peace. One that is free from Putinism.

Furthermore, most of the world cannot come to terms with a war against Putin. In the U.S., only 39% of Americans support our military helping Ukraine. With our own boots on the ground.


After almost a month of Russia invading the Ukraine, Putin’s army is making little progress. Except on the front of bombing civilians across the whole country.

If Grosny and Aleppo are a yardstick for measuring what the future holds for Ukraine, the very worst is yet to come.

In both Chechnyan wars, Putin killed as many as 250,000 civilians. In Aleppo, his barbarism and savagery caused the death of tens of thousands of civilians. After four years of bombings, he left the city of Aleppo in total ruins. There is not one internationally-banned munition of war he did not use. The man is a Russian Hitler the international community refused to recognize by showering his economy with western globalization.

Today, the same nations are feigning shock even though they empowered his barbarism when they ignored Grosny, Gori, and Aleppo. Watch these clips of what Putin has in store for Ukraine.


The same fate is awaiting Ukraine today, and maybe Moldova, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Norway in the future. As long as Putin is in power, all these countries that border Russia and Belarus are in danger.

More so today to avenge the sanctions already in place against the Russian economy and oligarchs.

This is the world community’s chance to defeat Putin and his terror for good. Don’t blow it by seeking a temporary peace for him to regroup and strike again, on another day, a different peaceful European nation he believes it belongs to Russia or its “sphere of influence”.

To start a revolution in Russia that could topple Putin, we must first defeat his army. Conclusively and without any delay. Ukraine has a tall order accomplishing this task on her own, and we must do more to help. To include western boots on the ground.

The world cannot miss this opportunity to dismantle the rise of a new Hitler.

NATO War Against Putin Achieves the Greater Good

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