Netanyahu Broke Israel to Pieces

Netanyahu Broke Israel to Pieces
Netanyahu Broke Israel to Pieces

There are very smart tea leaves readers who are compiling much data about the world’s perception of Israel in light of its terror against Gaza. Judging from the heavy air lingering on social media, the vexations of reporters unable to report the real news without fear of retribution, and a certain element of enough-is-enough descending like fog, Gaza will not go away so easily. Because of Gaza, Netanyahu broke Israel to pieces, and the country will never be the same again, nor will nations around the world treat it anything but like the racist apartheid state that it has become.

The world has seen what kind of animals the Zionists have become, and they don’t want anything to do with them, nor the colony they built on stolen lands. Whether it’s within or outside Israel, Gaza has opened wounds that are now causing clashes over Israel’s existence and direction. The results of its new pariah status are yet to be exposed fully on the economic or political front.

Yes, it has the support of the United States and the majority of EU countries, but the rest of the world is running away from its horrible record when it comes to deliberately targeting women and children of Gaza. No sane country wants anything to do with Israel, and only the same old colonialists are standing by its side.

Build on the political capital that Israel has lost because of Gaza to make its pariah state a permanent fixture.


In the scheme of things, people eventually forget about genocides when the victims’ exhaustion over repeating the facts turn into an apathetic exercise in futility. Except for the Holocaust, most people cannot name not one other genocide that occurred in the 20th century.

For Gaza’s story to survive the test of time, it is essential to keep bringing up the genocide every chance one gets by all Arab and Muslim countries in unity. Every speech, every occasion, every article, every forum, and every TV news hour.

We do not expect any Arab country to build a Gaza Genocide Museum, although it could be a tremendous tourist attraction for the UAE or Saudi Arabia, as sad as it sounds. But it will take such an effort to cement the Israeli atrocities in the minds of the world. Generation after generation.

In fact, it behooves all the Arab countries to build such a museum just to demonstrate fearlessness and determination that Muslim countries are not to be intimidated. Mohamad bin Salman is the kind of Prince to undertake such a project. He has the balls to stand up to Israel, especially now that Saudi Arabia is a BRICS+ country member.

Arabs and Muslims cannot let the Gaza Genocide go to waste as Netanyahu breaks Israel to pieces. They should use that opportunity to cement their power base in the region for the day they have to stand up to Israeli aggression without waging a war.

Build on the political capital that Israel has lost because of Gaza to make its pariah state a permanent fixture. It’s the only guarantee they will not repeat Gaza in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, or northern Saudi Arabia.

Netanyahu Broke Israel to Pieces

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