Netanyahu Only Wants To Kill Palestinians

Netanyahu Only Wants To Kill Palestinians
Netanyahu Only Wants To Kill Palestinians. REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman

Between bombing Gaza, and unleashing violent and extremist Israeli settlers in the West Bank, Netanyahu only wants to kill Palestinians. President Biden, meanwhile, is sending whatever weapons Netanyahu asks for to help him with his task. This is about as truthful a statement as they come. No spin, no deceptions, and no lies. Unfortunately, both men are into killing of civilians, each for their own reasons. Biden wants Jewish money for his presidential campaign, and Netanyahu wants the Israeli public to forget that his rigid and fanatic policies sparked the October 7 attack.

He is hoping to remain prime minister until he leaves in a body bag.

In spite of the global outrage over Gaza, and in spite of the rise in antisemitism, Netanyahu’s terror against Palestinian women and children is not about to cease, or abet. The man is on a mission of extreme violence only the worst of men are capable of demonstrating.

How could Biden deliver such lethal weapons to such a violent man blinded by his hatred for the Palestinian people? History is going to judge Biden harshly for putting U.S. interests at risk just to increase his chances for 2024. How so? China is slowly dislodging the U.S. from the Middle East, as three major oil and gas producers joined BRICS back in August. The more bias the United States becomes towards Israel, the easier for China.

The longer this battle in Gaza rages, the more antisemitism, and the more trouble Biden finds himself facing.


Many in Congress are pressing the President to call for a ceasefire, but to no avail.

The latest are Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) who brought to the President’s attention the terror the Israeli settlers are exacting on innocent and peaceful Palestinians: Jonathan Allen of NBC News pointed out a passage from the two lawmakers’ letter:

As your administration tirelessly works to prevent the expansion of this conflict, we write to specifically highlight the threat that violence in the West Bank — especially vigilante violence by Israeli settlers — poses to those efforts, Israel’s near-term security, Palestinian human rights, and long-term regional peace.NBC News by Jonathan Allen - November 16, 2023

At Punditry, we have been trying to bring the attention to what the Israeli settlers have subjected innocent Palestinians to their kind of vigilante terror, while Netanyahu continues killing women and children in Gaza. The settlers killed some 200 Palestinians in the last month. Most while harvesting their olive groves.

Thank you to Booker and Goldman for their concerns. Only the wiser amongst us can stop this war against the innocents, and neither Biden nor Netanyahu are capable of doing.

The international community must highlight the terror of the Israeli settlers on the West Bank. it was their mistreatment and oppression of Palestinians, in the first place, that gave Hamas the raison d’être to legitimately, from their perspective, attack Israel.

Biden must temper his bias towards his total support for Israel at the expense of civilian life. The longer this battle in Gaza rages, the more antisemitism spreads, and the more trouble Biden finds himself facing.

We are not sure if he knows it yet.

Look at the video below. It is a must-see to understand what Netanyahu and his terrorist cabinet members are doing to the Palestinians.

Netanyahu Only Wants To Kill Palestinians

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