Now that Trump Has Reinstated Himself at the White House

Maybe you missed the big story last night before going to bed. Donald Trump has managed to reinstate himself at the White House. The former loser is back at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How did that happen? No one knows. All we know is that Donald Trump is the new President. Hail to the chief, you nincompoops. Now that Trump has reinstated himself, what should the American people expect? Here is a run down for those who believed they put America’s most miserable history in their rear view mirrors.

Wait … Sorry. I made a mistake. Yes, Trump reinstated himself but not as the new President.

You remember Champ? The Biden’s German shepherd that died recently? Well, I am happy to announce that the Biden have replaced him with another German named Donald Trump. If you were wondering whether Trump reinstatement materialized on August 13, I am here to confirm it has. But not as the new President. Rather as Joe Biden’s new German shepherd.

In fact, it was Trump’s idea. Why? Because he wanted to come across to his supporters as an authentic former president who never lies. He promised his supporters a return to the White House and by golly he is not going to let them down.

Going forward, it will be Kibbles ‘N Bits for Donald the new German shepherd.

To the QAnon conspiratorial dumbasses out there, do rejoice in this news. Your man is back at the White House as he promised you. Even though he is on a leash taking a piss inside Melania’s garden, you should all be proud of Donald Trump. He is a man of his word. He promised to be back at the White house and he surely did it.

Hail to Donald the new German shepherd.

Now that Trump Has Reinstated Himself at the White House

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