One Protestant Religion Under God?

One Protestant Religion Under God

The notorious crackpot Mike Flynn, mirroring the image of his boss Donald Trump, just announced to the world that if we are one nation under God, we should also become a nation of one religion under God. Well, guess which religion that is? Or rather, guess which branch of the Christian religion he is talking about? If you said one Protestant religion under God, you are more clever than the 95% of sleepy Americans clueless about what he meant.

In this case, what does Flynn recommend we do to the 70 million Catholics in the United States? Maybe forced labor camps like the one he instituted in Iraq called Abu Ghraib? Or maybe Flynn thinks we should force conversions about the other faiths to all become Protestants, or perish?

What are his plans, or those of his Führer Donald Trump, when it comes to the 5 million Jews in America? Should we consider an Auschwitz-like camp for them too?

If Flynn had his way, he would probably gas all the Jews and the Muslims in special stadium-like gas chambers. It’s one Protestant religion under God, or perish. That’s what he meant.

… it’s Auschwitz and Abu Ghraib combined in one swift sick move by even sicker Protestants.


Most Americans are gullible, ignorant voters who rarely have a clue about the world-at-large and about how power can corrupt people to the extreme. They mostly go about their daily business chasing entertainment and exercising their minds over trivialities. When evil and danger present themselves in the form of a human being, they do not see it or grasp its intentions. Their reality is the endless pursuit of a microscopic life that pays no attention to the big picture.

However, once in a while, evil sends out signals that we cannot miss. It happened just before Steve Bannon entered the courtroom to answer for his DOJ indictment, and it happened again when Mike Flynn called for one religion under God.

These signals are too lucid to ignore. From one forceful statement to turn into a real policy, the metastasis process is usually swift. How else can one explain the speed by which most Jews were caught in Hitler’s net? The signals were there, but ignorance and the not-possible-he-can-do-that typically overwhelm the mind. They all freeze reactionary survival.

So, when Flynn spells out what Trump and his hacks stand for in plain English, perk your ears and pay attention. Otherwise, it’s Auschwitz and Abu Ghraib combined in one swift sick move by even sicker Protestants.

One Protestant Religion Under God?

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